Angela’s story: standing up for love



Angela’s story continues:

The next day was Saturday. As I woke, I forgot where I was. Then I became aware of the deep ache in my bottom, an ache overlaid with an all-prevailing soreness. I wasn’t in the habit if dressing on rising so I found one of David’s shirts and put it on. The thought of putting my knickers on over a bottom two sizes above normal was enough to convince me that wearing nothing but a skimpy shirt was the preferred choice. When I came down for breakfast there was an awkward silence, which was broken as soon as I tried to sit down. I jumped up with a yelp and David laughed.

“I’ll set you a place on the sideboard.” He laughed. “Did you sleep well?”

“Not entirely, I was a little warm.” I said ruefully while rubbing my bottom.

I looked and felt silly standing up to eat, which was made worse by David’s smirking. But the bacon, sausage and eggs was great, a much better breakfast than I normally had.

“What do you want to do today?” David asked tentatively.

“Are you asking me what we are doing today, as in us, I mean?” I replied.


I went and stood behind him and put my arms around him. He stroked my arm and I kissed his neck. He pulled my head down so we could kiss properly. Neither or us spoke for an age.

“It’s been a while for me.” He said at last.

“It’s been never for me.”

“Well, what do you want to do today?” he asked again.

“Anything that does not involve sitting down. Otherwise you are the boss.”

We got a bus to Putney Bridge; I stood all the way, naturally. Then walked along the river. It was a wonderful autumn day and the brown leaves were whipped up with each gust of wind and I imagined the garlands being thrown by adoring subjects for the king and queen of love.

“What a beautiful smile. What are you thinking?” David asked.

I thought the king and queen of love fantasy would not be up his street, so instead I suggested:

“We could have lunch at a pub by the river here.”

“One with an open fire and real ale?” He replied. “I know just the place.”

There wasn’t much room at the pub as everyone else had had the same idea. Not that I was up for sitting anyway. But the crowds made it seem more cosy somehow, that and the pervasive smell of wood smoke from the fire. David found a bar stool and I stood so that we could eat off a high window ledge in the corner.

The view of the Thames was stunning and two great swans on the water held my attention.

“They are in love.” I said dreamily.

“Yes.” He agreed. “They mate for life.”

“Do you think he spanks her?” I asked.

The woman standing next to us turned and gave me an odd look. I blushed and looked back at the swans.

“Only when she is bad.” David teased. “But it is not so bad for swans they get to sit in cool water all day if they need to.”

“I should try it.” I said ruefully.

“Its part of it for you isn’t?” David said seriously.

“What is?”

“The discipline.”

“Yes, all of it. But only when you decide, I can’t ask or contrive it. Don’t give an inch. Not with me. You don’t need to. In fact, I need you too be strong. No that’s not it, I need you to be strict and unbending.”

“Its what I want, but is it really what you want, I can be rough?” He asked looking sideways at the woman to see if she was still listening. “Last night was the beginning sort of, I can go further, or we can settle for playful spanking.”

“Silly man, I don’t want this and not wanting it is almost half of it. I need it. I need it despite not wanting it.” I looked him the eye as I said it.

He nodded.

“A playful spanking might be fun as well from time to time.” I giggled.

“How about tonight.” He teased.

“Beast.” I winced as my bottom ache flared at the thought of it. “I am at your mercy.”

“I don’t have any mercy. Drink?”

We had a great afternoon and as it got dark, we went back to David’s.

We had hardly been back when he kissed me and started to undress me. I let him lead and soon I was naked and stretched out face down on the sofa.

I wondered if he was going to spank me. The thought scared me. Both the thought and the fear excited me more.

He returned with a tray with moisturiser, ice and some other similar things. The alternating pain and soothing touch of his massage thrilled me. I had never been touch in this way by a man.

“I am on the pill but do you have condoms?” I murmured.

“Don’t trust me?” But he was smiling.

“We don’t have to use them but it has been kind of drummed into me.”

“Good girl. I would have spanked you otherwise.”

I moaned out load at that. The combination of his threat and his hands was beginning to send me.

“Are you sure you are ready?” He whispered in my ear.

“For anything.”

I lost my virginity that night. Two of them in fact, I would tell but David would spank me and wash my mouth out with soap if I did.

To be continued.

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