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Our story continues. Part four may take a while to edit, look out for it later this week. If you missed parts one and two the story starts here. I had a lot to think about over the coming weeks. Among other things, I got a letter from George. It didn’t tell me much about […]

The Lizzie Baines story continues. If you missed yesterday’s first installment you may want to catch up here first. The next day I noticed that Janey brought a pillow to the breakfast table and even then sat down very carefully with a wince. Her two sisters smirked at her discomfort as she blushed and Ma […]

Here is another story from the DJB story archive that is too long for one post. When I met my husband in 1949, he was in the army. I first saw him checking the train times at Grand Central Station, I was 21 and he looked like a man of the world straight off the […]

For those of you who want to do more than just read about it, this is a big weekend for everyone on the BDSM scene in London. We have two events for you: 20 Years of The Firm (Tickets in advance) London, Sunday 4 October 2009 3pm – late The Firm is 20 years old, and […]

The Russell Corner is a story about Richard Russell and his secretary’s obsession with the Russell Corner where he puts naughty girls after they have been spanked at his place of work. Catherine Raven, the high-flying boss of her own property development company, has one ambition: to train Eleanor, her late-husband’s daughter, to take over the […]