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Age-play in the strict sense of the meaning has never been of very great interest here. However, here is a short story about a strange event that was witnessed many years ago while on holiday in Devon. It was July and very hot. Everyone was pretty much wearing as little as possible so there were […]

Our story began here, if you missed the whole thing, and has been the most popular post to date. It finishes here: The party slowly returned to some normality and the hubbub of voices began to grow louder. Only Amelia appeared to take any notice of the plight of the four women. I say appeared, […]

Yesterday’s lurker day was a success and may thanks to all of you who took part and for the positive feedback. More good news, the technical problems experienced after the launch of The Russell Corner have now been resolved and the book is available at an even more reasonable cost in print or for download. For […]

Lurker’s day


Hi All, two posts in one day. We have agreed to take part in national lurkers day. If you are out there why don’t you just comment on one of the stories, especially if you like them. On this blog it is easy, you only have to leave a name (any name) a seemingly valid […]

It was assumed that this would be the final part but due to circumstances beyond our control etc, there will be at least one more part, as the rest is not ready for publication. Our story began here and now continues. The party started well enough. As the afternoon wore on members of the clan […]

Lizzie Baines is about southern punishments in the US South in the 1950s. Here is a contemporary account from a modern woman from the South. Here are two posts from a 32-year-old women called Alex on a recent spanking forum. I was sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt, […]

Our Lizzie Baines story continues. The story started here. After my sandwich I was allowed to go to my room. I threw myself down on the bed and had a little cry, more from exhaustion than anything else. Then after a while I got up and went over to the mirror. I laughed, realising that […]

Our story continues. Part five should be ready tomorrow. If you missed parts one, two and three the story starts here. With the promise of my first switching on Saturday the week dragged by for me. The day after my little trip I went to see Mary in her room and tried to pluck up […]

One of the main traditional implements in English domestic correction is the slipper. The term slipper covers everything from the humble carpet slipper, which is a very mild implement, to a plimsoll or much used by yours truly the deck shoe. The following snippets from the DJB archive illustrate its use. Mary B said, describing […]

10,000 spanks


Lizzie Baines will be back. Meanwhile the first 10,000 spanks or hits landmark went unnoticed. The most popular post was Mother gets her comeuppance quite closely followed by Spanked public schoolgirl lends a firm hand. Several people have asked me where I get my stories and are they all real life? They are not all […]