My life, canings from Daddy and my husband


!caned wifeAll the positive feedback received while off–line has been appreciated. Here is another short loosely based on fact.

I am now a respectable widow, I indulge in coffee mornings with friends and I am active in the WI. I was married nearly 40 years ago and until the Internet opened my eyes I had no idea that my upbringing and subsequent married life was at all unusual. Unusual for most people that is, some people would not think it was unusual. As I suppose I am one of them then I have to realise that my life was not how I believed it was and is something else entirely.

Let me explain.

I had a strict upbringing. My mother spanked me with a hairbrush for as long as I could remember and from the age of 14 or 15, my father caned me. This was go to your room and wait for hours sort of stuff. Then bare bottom over the end of the bed while daddy thrashed me until he thought I had had enough. I didn’t enjoy it, but I didn’t resent it. In hindsight I think even in those days, the authorities may have intervened. Although the real epic good hidings were after I was 18.

I met an older man when I was 20 and started seeing him behind my parents back. When Daddy found out I didn’t sit down for a week. It did not stop me and so they had him around for tea to size him up.

They eventually allowed Gerald to marry me on one condition, actually I think there were a few, but only one mattered to me. Daddy gave Gerald a cane and made us both agree to use corporal punishment in our marriage. That is Gerald had to cane me whenever I needed it. I agreed at once, I really did not think this was at all odd. Gerald was a bit taken aback, but I easily persuaded him to agree.

“We don’t have to do this, we can marry anyway, but if I promise I will keep my word.” Gerald told me, very concerned.

I only wanted Gerald and I really did not see a problem.

Married life was great. The one huge disappointment was that we could not have children. But I was young and we were very comfortable, even if Gerald was away a lot. So good holidays, my own car and lots of nice things seemed like compensation at the time.

Gerald caned me of course. I did stupid things, like defrosting the freezer and then forgetting so that a hundred pounds of food was spoilt. However, Gerald’s experience with the cane was restricted to his schooldays and Daddy had never taken him to one side to give him any pointers. So whenever Gerald caned me it was bare and bend for six-of-the-best. Gerald caned much harder than Daddy but not so much as to compensate. I felt guilty at first, after all I had promised to actively agree to this and here I was behaving badly and getting my bum tickled. I actually started to enjoy it, only pretending to cry.

This went on for several years. But as Gerald got promoted, he was a way more and more. I had no children and middle class women did not work in those days. I got bored.

That is when I met Alex. He offered to give me a few pointers at the golf club and one thing led to another. We were soon having a passionate affair.

It lasted six months before Gerald found out. He threw me out and called me a whore. He was right of course, so I went home to my parents.

I assumed that Daddy would thrash me. He didn’t. He wouldn’t even talk to me. This went on for weeks until Mummy called Gerald and he came round.

We had a tearful reconciliation and Gerald said he would give a double caning and we would say no more about it. Mummy and Daddy went into the garden while bent over the back of the chaise long and bared myself.

Gerald gave a dozen terrific cuts of the cane and for once my tears weren’t faked. But as I stood up Daddy came into the house and asked what was going on.

I blushed, I think I knew at once what Daddy meant, but Gerald was mystified.

“Call that a thrashing?” My father exploded. “Give me that cane.”

I got a thrashing of old.

“I promise you boy that is all she understands. If that last effort of yours was typical no wonder she is running off with other men.”

Gerald asked me if what Daddy was saying was true. I had to admit that I thought his canings had all been rather fun and well worth over-spending my allowance.

Daddy was incensed and tried to grab the cane back. Gerald calmed him down and thanked him for clarifying a few things.

After Gerald took me home I was sent to bed. Gerald said nothing, but I knew it was calm before the storm.

I think he spoke to Daddy once on the phone. Then on Saturday afternoon I was sent to our room. I had to wait there for hours. When Gerald finally came upstairs he was carrying the cane. He had me take off most of my clothes and bend over some pillows piled at the end of the bed.

I still had marks from Daddy’s caning but that did nothing to deter Gerald. He wasn’t angry but he told me that he did not appreciate me laughing at him behind his back all these years. I have already said that he could cane harder than Daddy, I found out that evening how true that was. I got the thrashing of my life. He broke me.

It was hard to move the next day and my bottom was textured all over with purple ridges. I could not sit down at all for several days and it was two weeks before I wanted to, all that much.

That wasn’t my last caning like that from Gerald. My punishments got quite elaborate after that. I was spanked by way of reprimand in between canings and was introduced to corner time. All this sometimes witnessed by our daily.

My love and respect for Gerald really grew from then on and I secretly began to enjoy it in a different way than before.

Later we adopted a girl and I was even happier. But strangely, I thought at the time, we did not use corporal punishment with her.

It was only years later that I found out that most marriages were not like ours and we were indulging in some sort sexual kink. Funny how life turns out.

6 Responses to “My life, canings from Daddy and my husband”

  1. 1 prvich

    You are lieing

    • 2 DJ

      Its very definitely largely fiction and intentionally so.

      It is very loosely based on an alleged (not my) true story. That true part was taken on faith – believe it or not – personally I don’t care whether its true or not – I thought it was a good story.

      Do feel free to be more diplomatic in your feedback.


  2. 3 Tom

    I think this is a great story, just the right degree of detail and held together by a plausable if somewhat unusual plot.
    For heaven’s sake this is errotic writing you can’t expect it to be totally honest – that other critic is a moron and not only that as you point out bereft of any articulation as well.

  3. Speaking as a husband and father. One of the greatest joys in my life after a Sunday dinner, with the family gathered in the living room. I had the pleasure of ordering my wife, my daughter, my grandmother, my mother-in-law, my aunt, and my niece into corners, and then one by one caning each of them ‘six or more of the best strokes of the cane, on their bare bottoms.

  4. 5 k

    Every time I read these sorts of stories, the woman either likes to be spanked or ends up getting sexually aroused or such. I get spanked by my husband. He enjoys it and his strong leadership makes me feel loved and secure but I definitely do not get aroused. I do not like it per se. But I let him do it. Am I weird or what

  5. 6 elsa brown

    My husband punishes me by caning whipping orhairbrush etc on my bare bottom in front of the family, I the get corner time with my knickers and skirt off and then sent to bed early and then at 7pm every night for a week even if we have company. elsa

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