20,000 spanks and 150,000 words

A Voice in the Corner will be back, meanwhile look at hers

A Voice in the Corner will be back, meanwhile look at hers

This is the last post for a few days, but there will be more before the week is out. What a great place to pause, we have just passed the 20,000 visitor mark and have average more than one comment a day since we started two months ago, thanks in no small part to lurkers day.

The Russell Corner is actually selling with a lot of positive feedback so far. The glossy print copy is high quality with a discreet cover. It is even cheaper to buy the download (which is download friendly). It is available from a mainstream online publisher that publishes thousands of vanilla books, so it is like buying from a department bookstore, not a dodgy dirty book purveyor, so it is discreet and safe to give them your debit card. Check it out.

There have been a couple of queries asking if there will be any stories about such and such. New readers might look over the archive, maybe we already have, western, college and war stories seem to be in demand. Sororities, governesses and Edwardian stories are in the pipline.

2 Responses to “20,000 spanks and 150,000 words”

  1. Hope you return soon. Your blog is interesting.


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