Dotes: a surreal summer age play spanking for a time traveller

Overdressed for a spanking

Overdressed for a spanking

Age-play in the strict sense of the meaning has never been of very great interest here. However, here is a short story about a strange event that was witnessed many years ago while on holiday in Devon.

It was July and very hot. Everyone was pretty much wearing as little as possible so there were plenty of girls to look at for a young student with time to kill.

That made the little family walking on the promenade all the more conspicuous. Not only were they fully clothed as if on their way to church on a Sunday, they looked as if they were looking for a church that was open for business in 1950s Surrey.

He had on a trilby and a Harris Tweed jacket and to complete the look he was smoking a pipe. His wife was also wearing a broad-rimmed hat and white gloves over a white silk tailored dress that flared from the hips and covered several layers of petticoats that peeped from under her skirts.

With them was a small girl that looked no more than 12, from her attire, wearing a polka dot dress, a pill box hat and like her mother she had on white gloves and a little handbag.

The student just shrugged and took a turn of the town.

About an hour later, he stopped for a cup of tea and a cake at a typical Devon teashop. Looking up from his table he noticed the strange family sitting at a table in the corner.

The thing that suddenly grabbed him was that he realised that the young girl had a hint of cleavage as she bent down to retrieve something from her handbag that sat primly on her lap. Despite her childish appearance, he realised that she was at least 15 or perhaps older. At that moment she looked up and caught his eye. She blushed and looked away. He revised her age upwards several years. She might even be older than he was.

He might never have pondered the scene again after he left the café, but he was to see them again.

A while later he was taking a walk on the almost deserted upper gardens well away from the beach, when he saw them again. They were having some sort of argument and the woman was tugging the ‘girl’ by the arm as if trying to hurry her. The girl seemed to be having some sort of tantrum. The man pointed to some whitewashed concrete shelters, the type used by old folk in the winter, that were off in a corner of the gardens and the three of them headed that way, the girl even more reluctantly.

For some reason the student changed direction to follow a parallel path that took him onto a hillock over looking the sheltered area. By this time the small family was out of sight among the cluster of structures.

He got another sight of them from the shrub garden at the top of the rise. While the man stood guard with his back to the women, the older woman had taken the ‘girl’ over her lap and was vigorously spanking her on her little white knickers.

Not content with that, she paused after a minute or so and retrieved a hairbrush from her bag and then resumed the spanking. This lasted another minute and then the ‘girl’ was set on her feet. The ‘mother’ then appeared to scold the girl, the student could not hear what was said, and fussed around her face with a handkerchief. Then all three of them set off back the way they had come as the girl rubbed at her bottom.

He never saw the little group again.

7 Responses to “Dotes: a surreal summer age play spanking for a time traveller”

  1. 1 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Cute picture, nice story. Do you suppose this was some sort of guerilla theatre… like Lars von Trier’s “The Idiots” in which a group of artists goes out into the community, some of the pretending to be retarded and others pretending to be looking after the retarded ones — with the general aim of pranking the public and messing with public mores.

    • 2 DJ

      I have no idea, that wasn’t my impression, there really was no one there to see but me, and I am sure they didn’t know I was there.

      And yes, I was that student.

  2. I believe every marriage real or imagained should start out by the bride after saying “I do”, be turned over the groom’s knee, her bride’s dress raised, her knickers lowered, and given a good spanking on the bare bottom. This makes in my opinion the start of a happy marriage.

  3. 4 Bratqueen

    This is sounds like a scene we used to do down in Brighton.

    Our extended ‘family’ used to go about in public dressed as we did in private and obeying the same rules. We had a goth scene with an alpha male.

    I got spanked bare once on the beach. It was night time and I don’t think anyone saw me either. This story goes to show you never know who is watching.

    I am blushing now.

  4. 5 paul1510

    DJ, that scene would have had me speculating for some time, though when I was young it wasn’t that unusual.

    • 6 DJ

      I wondered about it a lot for years and even tried to find the little ‘family’ again.

      Then strangely I had almost forgot it until I starte dwriting this blog.

  5. I was just thinking about this today! I LOVE the idea of dressing up like a little girl and going out in public. Even just being threatened with a spanking in public, or promised a spanking at home would be thrilling. I don’t think I’d want to do a full-on scene, don’t want to drag the public into my kink. But a swat or two when no one was looking would make for some serious fun.
    I want to know if people really do this.
    – Jennie

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