Southern spankings in the 21st century


!028_8165~La-Baigneuse-PostersLizzie Baines is about southern punishments in the US South in the 1950s. Here is a contemporary account from a modern woman from the South. Here are two posts from a 32-year-old women called Alex on a recent spanking forum.

I was sitting at the kitchen table in a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt, it is hot as hell here in the south right now. Well after hearing me curse my facilitator for the hundredth time and mentally only tortures and horrid things to happen to her- yeah I know watch out with karma it can reach around and bite you on the ass- or in our cases, cane your ass. Well it was at that point that I knew I got his attention and he told me to get back to work or he was going to put me over his knee and paddle my cute little ass until it was black and blue. Major turn on when he says that- hell anytime someone threatens to spank me is a quick turn on. But back to my tale. I let out my breath and said F**k it and through the books and papers into the living room and went on a full minute swearing rampage and threatened to get a lighter and burn the whole mess of books. (Which I paid for out of pocket- the student loan didn’t cover them). For once my hubby was somewhat speechless and just sat there looking at me trying to decide if he was mad or slightly turned on. I then took off my boxers and threw them at him and threw my tee on cat and went to the shower.

While I let the scalding hot water running all over my body, it felt great, I began to exfoliate my bare ass, I had just the day before crafted a landing strip upfront that the hubby hadn’t seen yet so I left it that way. As the hot hot hot water braided down on my ass, it was burning up and starting to tingle like it does when I have been switched on an already spanked bottom. Just as I was getting ready to do round two of my exfoliating, the shower curtain parted and there stood my gorgeous hunk of hubby and he simply smiled at what he saw I was doing. He then took over the cleansing duties and we got all hot and bothered there in the shower, when of course you run out of hot water completely so we get out.

He has me stand on the bath matt, telling me there was no need for me to dry off, he wanted to play with a soft wet lily-white bottom. He slipped into a pair of silk boxers and nothing else, me I was totally naked. We came back out into the living room where he had moved the coffee table into the centre of the room and had a couple of pillows on it for him to rest his cute little butt. I was glided across his silky knees. I should point out here that he had already taken the bath brush into the living room with him; it was for the moment sitting at his feet.

I was still a bit wet, with my long blonde curls cascading down my back keeping my bottom in water droplets. He put his left arm tightly around my waist and pulled me even closer to himself and I could feel that he was getting as excited about this as I was. I love lying over the lap of my spanker when they are wearing silk, you feel so rich and so naughty at the same time. It was while I was enjoying the feeling of my bare skin rubbing against his slightly hardening member in silk that I felt the first slap to my bottom. He told me that he wanted to have several whacks with his hand first, because he loved the feel of my exfoliated bottom. Damn! That was both painful and erotic and the same time. I have only been spanked a couple of times while I was wet, and the smacks seem to back more force behind them, instead of just sliding off the outer garment. He must have smacked me at least 25 times on the same cheek then he would move over to the other one and repeat it and then move to the middle. When I started kicking a little much I got several swats to the back of my thighs; I hate those worse than kind of spanking.

(My stepmother Victoria was well known for welting the backs of my thighs from the crack of my butt to just above where my knees bend. I would have wear those welts for days and that sitting uncomfortable for a couple of weeks)

Then just as I was getting used to the bare ass hand spanking, it was tolerable but my butt was still feeling the slaps as they came down. He then pushed me forward so my upper body was nearly touching the floor. If I tried to put an arm back to protect my ass, I went face first into the carpet and that isn’t any fun. Once he got my butt up at the right height, he used his free leg to lock mine down that where swinging in the breeze if you will. I knee he had gone for the bath brush, and I found that I broke out in a total body sweat, not to mention I was so excited at this point I was building up to what would be a huge orgasm.

I took a deep breath and relaxed as best I could laying across his lap and I first heard the bath brush being picked up and then sound it made as it went though the air, and finally the resounding thud it made when it came into contact with my upturned naughty ass. He took his time, with this paddling, waiting a few seconds before bringing the paddle down full force across my butt. I was never quite sure where it would thud down next and when I tried to squirm away from the implement of doom I found that I got several more smacks to the backs of my thighs. Now that was what got me to become a little more vocal about it all. Mostly a lot of swear words that I won’t repeat, but I have to say I can swear with the likes of any sailors or marines. All that got me was more swats on the backs of my thighs and told to watch my language. Up till this point, I was still holding my own, then something snapped and it all changed.

Due to my position of being held tightly across his knees ass-up all I could see besides the carpet was my books and papers that where once in some order know strewn all about with no clear way to figure out what ones went with that weeks projects. It was a huge mess and one I knew I was going to have to clean up if I ever got off my hubby’s lap again.

Then my mind exploded wide open in a searing torturous pain and that spreading on my backside with no relief in sight. For a few moments all that could he heard was the heavy thwack, thump, thwack as that devilish paddle did to my now scorching red behind. I had totally lost count of how many swats I had received at that point and all I could concentrate on how much pain I was in and how mind numbingly wonderful it was, I had a massive leg shaking orgasm while he was paddling my bare skin. Once I realized that the waves of pleasure where no longer flowing in my veins, I realized that he had stopped spanking and was looking at me with a devilish grin on his face.  He found it quite sexy and had me stand up and put my nose in the corner so he could get a better look. He described it to me as I starred at that wall totally drained and yet eager for more. My bottom was indeed several shades of blue purple and red. There was no way I sitting down that night. My thighs were still red and welted, but nowhere as painful as my batter butt. I felt free of guilt and frustration and I just felt lighter if that makes any sense.

One well punished brat- still using pillows to sit on while doing my class work.


Then she describes another spanking.

I have been wanting to post about my latest spanking for a couple of days now, but I was just waiting till I got my computer fixed and that Victoria was on her way home with her sister, my Aunt Dana. At the time I thought that the spanking was totally unfair and uncalled for, but after I got another spanking from the hubby for the same incident I am starting to change my mind somewhat, although sitting is still not comfortable even with the help of a large fluffy pillow. And because dear reader this is a site mostly about females spanking other females I will write about my disciplinary spanking from my step-mom Victoria.

It all started several days ago when my step-mom and aunt came to visit me and spend some girl time while the hubby was away for the week on a fishing trip. I had managed to behave myself somewhat- mostly from the threat of the hubby that I would get one hell of a spanking from him in front of my step-mom and aunt if he heard I got a spanking while he was gone. But as fate would have it, and because of my somewhat horrible temper, I found myself put across my step-mom’s knee feeling her thick leather belt on my bare behind.

I was in the process of working on my final paper for my juvenile delinquency class that I am working online for my masters when the worst thing that could of happened occurred. I was at least 10 to 11 pages into the paper, yes I was saving it as I went, when the computer crashed. After a long session of foul swear words and a minor tantrum I was able to get the computer back up again, and then it crashed yet again as I was trying to do a system restore. So I tried another one and it crashed yet again. When I was finally able to get it up and running I discovered that it had lost all of my work- all 11 pages of single spaced text that I was working on. I was seeing red and I admit that from time to time I have been known to have an explosive temper. Well in that moment, I was not thinking like a rational adult and instead was thinking like a totally pissed off child when I got the not so brilliant idea of throwing the computer across the room. (It was a lap top). Well I decided to do just that in a fit of anger and it went across the room and out the office room window smashing to bits on the ground. Well Victoria heard the commotion from the other room and thought I might have fallen and came rushing in here to see and hear me throwing a tantrum like a three year old.

I hate to admit it here, but at that moment, I think Victoria was more mad at me than I was at my computer. I of course was in the middle of throwing one hell of a tantrum and swearing in a steady stream of profanity. I will not repeat here what I said- it was that bad. I was still in my own fume of anger when I felt a swift and very painful swat to my jean-covered backside. I turned around and uttered another colourful swear at her and that was when I saw the anger in her eyes and mine began to pale in the face of her impending storm. Victoria didn’t say anything just grabbed my arm and spun me around so she could begin lying on a volley of swats to my ass. As she turned me around I could look out through the broken window and see my smashed lap top computer on the ground and it started to set in what I had done.

I made the mistake of telling her to stop spanking me, that I knew what I had done and that I was going to clean it up. That was when she said that if I was going to act like a spoiled petulant child then she was going to treat me like one. As I tried to tell her I was too old to be spanked by her she informed me that as long as I was her daughter I would never be too old to go across her lap for a spanking.

Victoria dragged me by my ear into the living room where I was instructed to stand in front of her while I watched with mounting horror as she undid her leather belt and sat on the edge of the coffee table. She then made quick work of undoing my jeans and panties and lowering them to my knees. Next thing I know I was over her lap and feeling the stinging sharp pain of the leather belt as it descended on my bare ass. I have always hated the belt and I will continue to hate the damned thing! She belted out a merry tune on my quickly reddening bottom and then moved to my thighs and I must admit that hurt worse than the blows to my ass. During the entire spanking she was lecturing me on how I need to better control my temper and not let it get the best of me, not to mention the money that I had just thrown out the window. After about five minutes- but what felt like an hour she was tired of tanning my hide and I was told to get off her lap and put my nose in the corner for the next hour with my hands on my head. I was more than happy to take my sore and swollen ass into the corner and to be able to get off her lap.

Nothing more was said of my punishment until yesterday when the hubby got home and saw the broken window and heard about the tantrum that I had. Well yesterday, I got my paddling from him; nothing like adding some colourful bruises on top of others. But I can say I learned my lesson and I will not be throwing any more laptops out of the window anytime soon!


2 Responses to “Southern spankings in the 21st century”

  1. Don’t swear and don’t get spanked.

    A tough choice.


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