Dotes: university sororities and spankings in women’s sport


sport_girls4One subject that generates a lot of interest in the spanking world is the sorority. After Will Henry, Martin Pyx’s series of the stories the Sigma Cycle is probably one of the definitive works on this subject. However real life sorority spanking stories are extremely hard to find, even in biographies by sorority girls years after they left university.

Even sadder from a UK perspective is the fact that British universities do not have any formal sororities at all. However there are some interesting informal rituals at British universities around the various sports clubs.

Strictly in confidence, no names no pack drill, at least two different university women’s rowing teams, have or had initiations involving spanking.

The first used to make new members bend over in the clubhouse in the minimum of underwear to receive one swat with a paddle from each senior member of the club. This apparently was done for real and the poor girl was usually reduced to tears.

If there was more than one new member then they had a drinking contest first. The loser was the one who received the ritual paddling. After all those drinks, at least she had the benefit of an anaesthetic.

Apparently if the lady in question was uncooperative in anyway during her initiation then she was debagged, a British public school term for having the minimum underwear requirement to be reduced further still.

The other rowing club was even more robust. The new members had to strip down naked and run down the club’s slipway into the river and dive in regardless who may have been present.

They then returned to the clubhouse to receive ritual swats from the senior club members while still wet and in the nude. It seems it was five swats from each unless you were in the first four to return to the clubhouse after jumping in the river. Then the swats were reduced to four if you were fourth, three if you third and so on.

Furthermore the junior rowers, unless they were already very good, were put on a training team that frequently competed against other clubs. If they did not win then their coach, usually a senior, had the entire squad bend over a bench in the changing room for a spanking.

This style of punishment spanking in sports clubs brings us to another interesting example. A certain university women’s rugby team were extremely enthusiastic spankers. This came to light one evening in halls when an acquaintance of two of the players entered a shared kitchen to find a young lady being spanked by her friend. Although the girl in question quickly pulled up her pyjama bottoms over her red bottom on being discovered, she could not hide her face, which was even redder.

Her friend the spanker would not let her depart, in an obvious attempt to humiliate her further and so questions were naturally asked. Once some beer and the promise of infinite discretion were thrown in to the mix the answers were forthcoming.

The two girls were an item outside the club having met at a club social and were merely extending there club activities for fun, mostly the senior girls.

It seems that the women joining the club had to undergo a whole series of humiliations. These included: being run through the showers naked while being whipped on the bottom with wet towels and a ball race, where rugby balls were moved the length of the gym using only the clenched buttocks or a part of the anatomy close by. Needless to say, lack of enthusiasm or losing a race resulted in a spanking with a plimsoll.

Another interesting event was the bottomless play-offs. Girls in full kit, sans shorts and underwear, had to play a reduced game of rugby against each other. The losers were spanked.

Spankings were not restricted to new members in this club. Students being poor, instead of fines many breaches of the rules were punished by a spanking in the clubhouse or in some cases privately. The severity and state of dress depended on the offence.

Also it was traditional for a losing team to be lined up with bare bottoms on display and spanked by the coach.

Does anyone know anymore about this?

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  1. 1 lori

    I never was spanked but i wish i could find a dad who would

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