Dotes: the spanked end to the cricket season


lock_spankingHave you ever wondered what hubby or daddy thinks (or does) when his wife or daughter, after a few beers watching a sports event, decides to take off her clothes and run naked across the pitch? Well not all streakers go unspanked it seems.

a_female_streaker_jpgA few years ago a senior steward for a major English cricket ground had his carefully laid plans disrupted when a 19-year-old girl decided to do just that. He and two police officers escorted the girl to the changing rooms dressed only in one of the officer’s tunic.

Once there she was taken into custody by the woman who looked after the locker room for the players, who much to the amusement of the police and the steward pushed the blushing girl through the door while slapping her bottom saying:

“You naughty, naughty girl.”

A short while later the police officer asked if he might have his jacket back. So the steward set off back to the locker room to retrieve it. He assumed that by then the locker room manager would have found something for the girl to wear.

Instead when he entered the room the poor girl was draped over the matron’s lap getting the spanking of her life. Despite her protests the red-bottomed girl looked as if she had been spanked since the steward and police had departed and was going to get a lot more before the woman was done.

After waiting a minute or so he noticed the police tunic and quietly retrieved it and left the girl to the rest of her spanking.

A long while later he was called again to the locker room. The girl was red-faced and looked very sheepish. She was dressed only in a cricketer’s jersey and looked as if she had been crying.

The steward had to escort the girl to where she had been sitting with her friends to find her clothes. She did not know what he had seen and said nothing about it.

He was slightly worried that she might make a complaint but she never did. She probably never streaked again either.

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