Dotes: public corner time for Anne

Anne in the corner

Anne in the corner

The other day we had a short anecdote about Ben and Anne who lived in a small Yorkshire village. Public humiliation seemed to be such an essential part of their relationship that all their friends and half the village knew that Ben spanked Anne. Here is another short story about them.

One day in the pub a group of friends and neighbours had met up one Saturday for a few drinks prior to a barbeque at Ben and Anne’s house. Anne as usual was being boisterous and loud-mouthed after a couple of drinks and started teasing one of the men about his weight problem. She told him he should stay off the burgers and stick to the salad. He replied, trying to make light of it, that he would give her a spanking.

“Did you hear that Ben, Mike said he’s going to spank me?” She called out quite unabashed to her husband at the bar so that the rest of the pub could hear her.

“Don’t mind me Mike.” He said. “You have my permission.”

Mike was a little embarrassed by all this and everyone laughed so Anne continued her teasing assuming her bottom was safe.

Later at the barbeque and quite a few more drinks later Anne decided to pick on Mike yet again.

“What are you man or a mouse?” One of the women challenged. “You’ve already got permission sort her out.”

“He wouldn’t dare.” Anne laughed.

However reluctant the shy Mike might have been, he was now in a corner. He put his food down and advanced on Anne who ran away giggling. Unfortunately for Anne it was a small modern English garden and there was nowhere to run.

She was upended over his knee as he sat on a low wall and spanked on the seat of her shorts while she squealed in embarrassed delight. Everyone egged him and he warmed to his task and Anne’s squeals were soon a little less delighted and a little more pleading. By the time he was finished to much applause Anne was looking very uncomfortable and very red in the face.

“Are you going to apologise now?” Ben asked his wife when it was over.

“No.” She said lamely.

“Let me show you how to spank my wife.”

Anne started pleading “please not here”, “I’ll be good” and “do it later”, but to no avail. She went over Ben’s knee and this time her shorts and knickers came down for another sound spanking.

When it was over she was quite tearful and even more embarrassed than some of the people in the garden, although several of the women made catcalls and laughed at her.

To make matters worse she was not allowed to pull up her shorts and was made to apologise to Mike. She was then sent to the corner in the dinning room. The room opened out in to the garden so she was still visible to everyone.

Ben made her stay there a good long while before making her return red-faced to the barbecue.

This picture is so like Anne that it could almost be her.

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    That was good

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