Dotes: love is having to say you are sorry to everyone in the pub

Anne's public apology

Anne's public apology

This photograph is a great reminder of a series of great real life spanking experiences involving a couple called Ben and Anne.

They lived in a small Yorkshire village where everyone knew everyone else’s business and everyone knew that Ben regularly spanked Anne.

Ben enjoyed embarrassing Anne as much as possible and one suspects that Anne loved and needed it.

The local pub was where everyone gathered and usually played pub games of one sort or another. One night after a huge row in the pub where Anne accused several people of cheating at darts and things got a bit heated.

Ben took Anne off by the arm telling everyone he would sort her out.

The next day everyone who had been insulted and everyone who had been there received a phone call from Anne who apologised and told them she had been soundly spanked and was standing in the corner where she would remain for a long time.

Later that day a note went up on the darts team notice board with a written apology from Anne and a declaration that she had been grounded and wouldn’t be in the pub until further notice. The note was accompanied by a ink jet print out of Anne standing bare bottomed in the corner with an obviously spanked bum.

Watch this space for more on Anne and Ben.

One Response to “Dotes: love is having to say you are sorry to everyone in the pub”

  1. 1 Dr Keate

    i’ve loved this picture for years,and I love the context you’ve given it. In my mind she was apologising to a customer, but yours is much more embarassing!

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