Spanked public schoolgirl lends a firm hand in college

Camilla gets to the bottom of Penny's grade problem

Camilla gets to the bottom of Penny's grade problem

Here is a fictionalised story based on an apparently true account from a now defunct spanking forum from about 10 years ago. It is the story of Jenny and her very unusual friend, Camilla, who took her under her wing when they were at a British university in the early 1980s.

I met Camilla on my first day in halls. She was hard to miss being very tall and attractive and very charismatic. She was obviously a public school girl (that is to say privately educated in the UK) and seemed to possess limitless confidence.

I don’t know why she took to me, a shy ex-comprehensive schoolgirl, as we were from two different worlds. But from the first day she took a complete interest in everything I had to do.

On the first night we ended up in a bar with some other girls but she made me come away early because we had to get up to complete our registration and collect our student grants the next day. I hadn’t read any of the guidelines and did not know we even had to do that.

I was studying history and Camilla psychology, but she seemed to know more about the timetable and lecture rooms for my courses than I did. From day one she seemed to take charge of organising me.

I really found my first essay difficult and she was the one who helped me through it. Nevertheless my first essay was graded a D. My next two were even worse; I got an E and a D minus.

Shortly after this she came in to my room to see how I was doing with my latest essay while I was listening to some music and reading a trashy novel.

“Have you finished your essay?” She asked.

I told her I hadn’t started and was going to go down the library the next day. She became really exasperated with me and snatched the book out my hand. We spent half an hour discussing an essay approach and then she sent me to the library. I was really embarrassed bring treated like a kid, but it was also sort of nice.

It didn’t do me much good I still got a D and my supervisor asked to see me.

Although Camilla was good-natured about it, she did give a terrific scolding and then it got weird. She said if I didn’t get at least a C the next time she would give a spanking.

Even though I thought she was joking I was really embarrassed and tried to argue with her. We started giggling and ended up having a pillow fight.

I worked really hard on my next essay and Camilla read through it and suggested lots of changes.

“You have to cite your sources more.” She kept telling me I remember.

I was actually pleased that I got a C minus; I really felt that I was making progress. But Camilla was very short with me and confronted me one morning when I was still in my pyjamas.

“Come on.” She said. “I told you what I would do.”

She pulled me over her lap while I giggled and pinned my arms behind my back.

“I’ll show you how I used to deal with my crush at school.” She was very stern.

I had no idea what a crush was but I was completely shocked when she slapped my bottom hard. Before I could react she started to spank me very hard. I struggled and complained, calling her some names.

She pulled my pyjama bottoms down and continued on my nearly bare bottom (I was wearing very skimpy pants underneath).

Afterwards I was left blushing and feeling very strange. She was completely unrepentant and said she would spank me again with my knickers right down if I didn’t get a full C or above next time.

We didn’t talk about it after that but I couldn’t get what had happened out of my mind.

With a lot more help from Camilla my next grade was a C and she seemed to forget all about nagging me.

Then just before the end of our first term and we were set to go home for Christmas for a few weeks my grades took another dip. I had been getting B minuses and C pluses but my last essay was another C minus. Although my grade average and end of term exam was enough to get me out of hot water with my supervisor, Camilla was not happy.

“A promise is a promise.” She said. “Let’s have those knickers down.”

I really protested and said it wasn’t up to her but she just said she would drag me out to the shared kitchen area and do it if I didn’t cooperate.

While I was considering this new threat, she just grabbed me and the next thing I knew, she was spanking me really hard with my skirt up and knickers down. I kept promising to work harder next term but she just kept on until I started to cry.

Afterwards she gave me tissue and a hug and put some cream on my bottom.

“You really hate me now don’t you?” She asked.

I said I didn’t and although I was very embarrassed I felt sort of comforted. She told me that she really was going to spank me again if I didn’t get C pluses next term.

I forgot all about what happened then and started arguing that it wasn’t fair, it should be Cs.

All the next term she kept her promise and I kind of got used to being spanked by her. It didn’t happen much, but she did spank me twice for other reasons, once for missing a lecture and another time for getting drunk in the middle of the week.

At the end of term she arranged for me to spend a week with her at her parents during the holidays.

I could not believe the house she lived in, it was practically a manor. Her parents were very posh but very nice and I had a great room that shared a bathroom with Camilla.

During that week we had some sort party almost every night. It was during one of these gatherings that I made a startling discovery. Camilla disappeared during the party and I didn’t really know anyone, so I went looking for her.

Wandering about the large house I just opened up various doors and had a good look round. Then I opened one door and found Camilla bare bottomed over her father’s lap. I could only see the top of her bottom from the front but it already looked very red, much sorer than my bottom after a spanking.

Her father was completely unfazed by my entry but Camilla looked up looking very embarrassed and said: “Do you mind? Can’t you see we are busy?”

I dashed out but stood by the door outside. The spanking continued for quite a long time and eventually I heard Camilla start to cry. Even then the spanking didn’t stop and went on for while longer.

When Camilla’s father left the room he just smiled at me as though nothing had happened and said: “You can go in now.”

I found Camilla standing bare bottomed in the corner with a very red, almost purple behind.

“What happened?” I asked. “What did you do?”

“You know what happened and it’s none of your business.”

She told me she probably deserved it and when I asked her about her standing in the corner she said it was usual as I would find out next term and she had to stand there until her father told her she could leave.

I stayed with her until her father came back a long time later and although we talked while she stood facing the corner, afterwards she wouldn’t talk about it.

“No big deal, it happens.” Was all she would say.

The next term she pushed my grade requirement up to B minus, which was a struggle and I got a lot of spankings.

Two things changed. Firstly I had to do corner time as she promised and secondly I was introduced to the hairbrush.

I was spanked by Camilla all through college and thanks to her ended up with an upper second. We are still good friends today.

We are both now married and I have never really understood what was going on with us. It was never overtly sexual, although I have been left with a life-long interest in spanking. But it is my husband who takes care of that nowadays.

For anyone who was wondering, a crush at British public school for girls is often the female equivalent of a fag, a younger girl who runs errands for the senior.

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