Naughty nurse feels the lash at the hands of ruthless mulahs

The price of a packet of crisps

The price of a packet of crisps

The romantic fantasy of women being carried off by Arab sheiks, the harem and harsh Middle Eastern courts has been around for a long time. No doubt the reality is more sobering. This following article was found on a current news site in a section discussing western perceptions of the Middle East and the image of Islam.

It is an alleged personal account of an English nurse who was flogged in 1989. This is a serious story that illustrates the very real tensions between the East and West, so please ignore any titillating aspects to this story. No really have some respect.

Although the story is remarkably similar to a story of an Australian student that has been published elsewhere.

“Please don’t whip me again!” Tears streaming down my cheeks, my voice quaking in craven terror, I let out that pitiful cry as the Saudi guard raised the bamboo whip-cane high above his head and prepared to bring it down on my back for the 50th time. My body ached from the strokes that had bitten into my bare flesh and I was woozy from the pain. But when I heard the jeering roar of approval, I knew my captors would show no mercy.

As I heard the awful sound of the cane swishing through the air once again, I passed out. And in that moment of darkness my mind drifted back to the day when the nightmare had begun.

At the time I was a naive 18-year-old college student visiting Saudi Arabia. I was having a ball, but was running low on cash. I wandered into a store in the capital, Riyadh where I made the biggest mistake of life. I tried to sneak off with a bag of potato chips I hadn’t paid for and the owner promptly spotted me.

He called the police and the next thing I knew I was under arrest. I was thrown in a jail cell in the police station. Later on a judge sentenced me to 75 strokes of the cane for shoplifting. The next morning I was loaded into a truck with six guards, who drove me to the market square.

To my horror, they ordered me to unbutton the back of my prison shift and bend over the back of a chair they had brought along. Two guards held my hands to keep me in position. Adding to my humiliation, hundreds of shoppers gathered around to gawk. I looked back over my shoulder – and saw that one of the other guards had raised a long thin bamboo cane and was about to bring it down.

I closed my eyes and braced myself. There was a loud swishing sound and I felt a sharp, stinging pain across my butt, as if I had been stabbed with a knife. I winced and tears began to roll down my cheeks, but I was determined I wouldn’t give the onlookers the satisfaction of hearing me scream.

One after another, the strokes whipped down across my back, thighs and buttocks in a crisscrossing pattern. And every time the cane cut into me, the crowd shouted in delight. I heard one woman cry out, “Give the infidel what she deserves!”

Finally, I couldn’t hold it back. I began to howl in agony and begged for mercy – then I collapsed into unconsciousness.

When I came to hours later, I was back in my bunk in the jail cell. The backs of my thighs, my bottom and my lower back were striped with dozens of painfully swollen welts. I was released and you can bet I hopped on the first plane out.

The procedure described here is not a commonly used in most Islamic countries, most women are flogged over their clothes.

3 Responses to “Naughty nurse feels the lash at the hands of ruthless mulahs”

  1. It is so incredibly, intensely sad that things like this go on in our society. Non-consensual physical harm is NEVER, ever OK, and in this case, it is also WAY out of context to the “sin” committed!

    • 2 Damian Black

      Well strictly speaking it isn’t happening in our society.

      But if it makes you feel any better I strongly suspect that this a work of fiction. Although I don’t know that for a fact as I found the story reported as a true account.

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