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This excerpt is from Modern Spanking by Will Henry, which was first published in 1966. Edna R. is a 46-year old housewife who has had considerable experience with spanking both as donor and as recipient. A tall (five feet, ten inches) brunette, Edna is meticulous about keeping her girlish figure and is often mistaken for a […]

Young women today for the most part know what they want. If they want to be spanked or to explore erotic submission they can start a blog or just ask their partners for what they want without ever considering that it may a be a betrayal of all women kind. If you were a young […]

Many years ago the author came across a book by Will Henry. It had been written in the 1960s and was suitably charming in its old world writing style. The book was called ‘It Hurts So Good’. It was about the sexual undertones of the hazing and initiation practices of college sororities in the US. […]



The UK TV Channel Four is showing McClintock!, the infamous John Wayne Comedy Western, on Wednesday afternoon. The Radio Times, the BBC-owned TV and radio listings guide, which positive gloats over the spanking scene, is warning feminists to beware. This is a film that was the staple of TV movies during the 1970s that was […]

So you know you’re not vanilla. But then what are you into? Maybe its not important to you because you don’t like labels?

But then again perhaps before you can cast aside labels you need to be clear what the labels are.

What for instance is the difference between BDSM and BD or S&M? Are these the same as subDom or is that something else? Perhaps you are just an anal-centric spanking fetishist.

An interest in the female bottom, spanking and the erotic nature of female submission, has been part of my life since early childhood. Since then fortune has favoured me with the opportunity to have first hand experience and a few relationships to explore this side of my nature.  Over the years my life has seen […]