The spanking tales of Will Henry, Martin Pyx, Edgar Brummett and P N Dedeaux

An illustration from The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined

An illustration from The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined

Before spanking erotica descended into the crass BDSM or at least vanilla exploitative versions of it that came to characterise the genre during the late 70s and 1980s there was Will Henry. He wrote a whole string of spanking novels, novellas and short stories during the 1960s and early 70s. His main focus was SBF and traditional spanking stories of punishment of people who secretly wanted to be punished.

There were others, Paul Little wrote in many guises and some of his books were in touch in the tradition of the genuine SBF genre. But after Henry much of it was pure sadism with whips and chains and appalling misogyny.

Then in the late 1980s there were a handful of novels by Martin Pyx (also know as Edgar Brummett) and P N Dedeaux. This was before spanking literature had to be politically correct, you know the kind of thing, we interrupt this spanking to remind readers that this is wholly consensual and no parrots, monkeys or people were distressed in anyway during the writing of this novel.

Incidentally, an excerpt from P N Dedeaux will be published here soon. He often strayed too far into BDSM for this blog’s taste and there are many who say that he was also a touch misogynist. But his best work was when chapters used to appear among the works of Martin Pyx. One might suspect that it was yet another alter ego of Edgar Brummett and he wanted to explore a darker side sometimes, perhaps readers will know.

Edgar Brummett was perhaps at his best when he collaborated with Will Henry and certainly when he wrote in his style. The Disciplinarians and the Disciplined, is an example of this.

This blog has featured Will Henry before and we will return to him again no doubt. So watch this space.

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