Naughty niece spanked as an adult

Cousins spanked

Cousins spanked

Here is another real life account froma young women called Sandy from a couple of years ago.

I am 27 years old and moved from my home town, last summer. I was fortunate enough to have an Aunt living in the town that I moved to. She is letting me stay with her while I get on my feet. Aunt Janet has twin daughters, Donna and Darla who are going to college and still living at home. They are 21 and both still get spanked when they misbehave. I have always had a hidden fetish for spanking, and it really intrigued me when I discovered that my cousins got their backsides blistered when they misbehaved. I was anxious to maybe hear one of those punishment sessions. My Aunt knew that I was never spanked at home growing up by either my Father (her brother) of my mother, so I wasn’t threatened with being spanked if I stepped out of line, when I first moved in.

Aunt Janet is 43 years old, but she looks about 15 years younger, she is very attractive and in good shape. She looks more like a sister of her daughters rather than their mother. She is very nice and fun loving, but her daughters know that if they step out of line, their bare bottoms will feel the power of her wooden paddle. Since I have been staying there, up until last week Darla had managed to get only one spanking, to which I was out ot the house, and heard about later. Donna hadn’t gotten any at all, and now I can see why either girl very rarely puts themselves in a position where their mother has to spank them, be- cause that paddle of hers really hurts, I know that first hand now, and I will explain why.

Last Friday night I went out partying with my two cousins and we were out quite late. It got to be close to 2 am,, which was their curfew, and they wanted to leave the club that we were at. I told them that their mother knew that they were out with me, so I don’t think she would mind if they were a little late in coming home. I didn’t want to call her, and take the chance of waking her up, big mistake, she was wide awake, wondering where her daughters and I were. When we got home a little after 3 am. she wasn’t too happy, but she was calm, and said that she felt relieved that we were safe, because she was really worried about us. She then told us that we had better get to bed because it was so late, and that she would discuss the matter in the morning with us.

By the time I got up the Saturday it was almost noon, my cousins had already been up for awhile. They told me that their mother had already a long talk with them, and that they were going to be spanked for coming in past their curfew. I was really upset about that, so I rushed down to talk to my Aunt Janet as she was just about ready to leave to go shopping. I told her that it was my fault, and that the girls shouldn’t be punished for something that I told them would be ok. With that, Aunt Janet sternly told me that I was wrong for doing so, and that if she had her way, I would be spanked also. When she said that, I felt many different feelings run through me, fear, excitement, wonder, and mostly the desire to actually get a real spanking, surfaced again. . I then gulped really hard, and said that I would feel bad if the girls got spanked something that I was responsible for, so I nervously told her that I would accept the same punishment. My Aunt then said, very well, but the punishment was going to be pretty severe, probably 30 whacks or more on the bare butt with her paddle. I gulped again, and hoarsely said that if that’s what she felt was deserved, then I would accept it. She then told me that she would be back in about four hours, and the spankings would take place then.

For the next four hours or so I was really nervous, as I tried to busy myself around the house. I told my cousins that I was going to accept a spanking also, because of the guilt I felt for getting them in trouble. They thought that was noble of me, but questioned if I actually knew what I was getting myself into, because their mother’s paddlings produced a lot of blistering pain.

When Aunt Janet came home a little four hours later, she yelled for us to meet her in the den. When we arrived in the Den, Aunt Janet was standing there with her paddle in her hand, I then became very nervous and scared. She didn’t give us much time to think, she just said that we knew what we were there to be spanked for. She then told Donna to pull her jeans and panties down, and to bend over the back of the couch. Once Donna was in place, Aunt Janet started laying on the whacks,. I was in a trance as I saw the searing whacks hit hard on Donna’s fanny, knowing that

I was next. After ten swats were laid on, she gave Donna a brief rest to rub her sore backside, and then motioned me to drop my drawers and my underwear, and then to bend over the couch.

When my Aunt Janet started whacking my bare ass, it felt like my bottom was having a hot branding iron put to it. I have never ever felt so much pain, it was just awful. When she was done with my ten whacks, and then had Darla in position for her ten hits, my mind was a blank and I was oblivious to everything, as I tried to massage my stinging backside. Before I knew it, Donna had got her second ten swats, and I reluctantly went in position for my next ten hits. The next ten produced some crying out by me, and I started to lightly cry, my rump really hurt. After Donna had received her ten spanks with the paddle, all three of us were told to stand against the wall with our hands on our heads. I was thankful for the break before we got our last ten whacks, I was beside myself with pain. Aunt Janet asked us all if we would ever ignore the curfew that she had set for the household. Almost in unison, we all said, “no ma’ am”. Then she came up behind each of us and gave us four whacks at a time, to which we tried to dance out of the way with each it, because by now the pain was just about unbearable.

When she there was only two whacks left each for us, she had us each touch our toes, she then laid on the final two as hard as she could, saying that these were reminders of what would happen if we ever even thought of disobeying one of her house rules again. Then it was over and we were aloud to clothe our backsides again.

All I have to say when I think of the spanking that I got almost a week ago now is, “OUCH”, wow did that spanking ever hurt. My butt is just getting over that spanking session. I have rubbed my bottom every day this week. A spanking like that makes you very conscious of a part of the body that you usually take for granted, I did realize the presence of my ass all this week, I can tell you that. Hopefully I won’t ever have to go through with one of Aunt Janet’s spankings ever again.

16 Responses to “Naughty niece spanked as an adult”

  1. 1 George

    Better late than ever.
    21 or 25, when deserved each girl should get a serious parental spanking.
    In loco parentis if ever!
    Such aunt is imho the mother-in-law so muh hoped for by serious men.

    • 2 John Pretzel

      I got a bare boittom spanking from my grandmother when I was 17 almost fourty years ago. I still remember is as if it was yesterday. At 17 taking you pants and undies down going over her knee in front of your grandfather and sister and then being spanked until you cried was not fun. I have replayed it a 1000 times in my mind over the years and changed my grandmother to an attractive bare breaseted young teacher. I get off on that fantasy every time.

  2. 3 Tim joe

    I wish it was me with you three.

  3. 4 Sammy Scott

    Ever since my father-in-law gave me an old fashioned spanking when he caught me having an affair, I’ve been looking for an older “uncle type” to repeat it…

  4. 6 George

    Just a spanking for an affair???

  5. 7 Sammy Scott

    What do you mean “just a spanking”? Don’t you think it was embarassing enough??

  6. 8 George

    Sorry, but I mean exactly that for such a fault embarassment and pain should be much much more. And mainly by yor own husband.

  7. 9 john mains

    my mother still threarens to spank my bare arse and i am 52. the last time that she accually did put me across her knee and spank my bare arse was just over a year ago when i was almost fifty one and was in front of my then girlfriend telling her that this was how to keep me in lin e.

  8. 11 Bob

    I will relate an interesting story. I was a member of a domestic discipline discussion group. The list owner was a HOH of a large family, the three girls were , like their mother , subject to a bare bottom spanking with a hair brush or paddle with they misbehaved as long as they lived home.

    The oldest girl was a quite a rebel and she talked her younger 19 year old sister to move out of the house. There was nothing their parents could do they ere “of age.’

    Well things didn’t go as the daughters thought they would and in about six months they were in danger of being homeless. They asked their parents if they could back home. Since their parents were beside themselves with worry they agreed to them coming home. Their father decided they wouldn’t be subject to spankings anymore because he thought this was one of the reasons they left.

    Everyone on the discussion group thought this was a bad idea, In fact he was advised they should both get a serious welcome back spanking, but he outright rejected this advice. Well, things soon went wrong, the two daughters , especially the 20 year old balked at following the family rules and gave their mom lots of grief when she tried to get them to do their chores.

    Their defiant behavior began to influence the whole family, their mother complained to her husband that it was unfair that she got spanked when she was bad but her two daughters could pretty much do whatever they wanted to do. Before long there was lots of acting out by other family members even their mom. Their defiance was undermining their father’s authority with the whole family.

    Finally , after much urging from list members , their father decided something had to be done. One Saturday right after brunch he called both of his misbehaving daughters into the living room and told them either they abide by the rules of the house or they would have to leave. They begged him to let them stay, promising they would follow his rules. He agreed they could stay but told them that an important rule of the house was that misbehaving ladies get paddled and they would both going to get a paddling and corner time until dinner was ready.

    They both started to cry but they knew they had no choice. He had the oldest brother get the paddle and while he was doing that, he removed their jeans and panties and had them bend over the armrest of the easy chair, one on each side. When the paddle arrived they each got 30 swats. They were then put in a a separate corner of the living room with their well marked behinds on display , the other family members were ordered not to interact with them in any way. This was effective in solving the disobedience issue. The oldest daughter has since married and the 19 year old, now 20 is engaged.

  9. 12 Johnxc

    Submitting to spanking is certainly preferable to enduring homelessness.

  10. 13 John Pretzel

    I think thirty swats on the bare bottom of an errant 20 year old and then being made to display the results for asll family members to see is a very effective; humiliating and well deserved punishment.

  11. 14 Spikes

    i sometimes get spankings like this and boy do they sting but I get them all the time. I like to be punished by spanking because it hurts for a while but u are forgiven soon after. Trouble is I am very naughty at the moment and I end up being spanked more and more especially recently when it was decided over the knee it was and the belt when I swore and broke something important and then told the person to go fuck themselves. I whole heartedly believe in a good old spanking and I think really I get away lucky a bit and probably deserve a longer harder spanking and I just wish someone would give me a severe spanking and if they see fit cane my naughty bottom

  12. 16 Alfred

    Where is the aftercare?

    If it is not explicitly stated, then I will assume it did not take place.

    And it is abuse not to provide proper aftercare.

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