Dotes: humiliation and spankings in public

A public spanking is not so funny

A public spanking is not so funny

Spankings in public tend to loom large in fantasy but can be problematic in practice. They can cause outrage and embarrassment among witnesses and the police can often become involved. A few years back a couple were barred form a north London pub after a woman was spanked by her boyfriend. Apparently the landlord was fed up with sexual shenanigans in his pub as he had apparently caught another woman orally pleasuring her boyfriend under the table a few weeks earlier. So the idea of a young woman or a teenaged girl being punished in public seems unlikely in the 21st century.

In years gone by of course this was not necessarily true. Here are two accounts of public humiliation in two very different contexts. One happened around 50 years ago and the other much more recently.

A few years back the DJB was working with an older woman, who we shall call Janice, who was then in her late 40s. She was quite outgoing and flirted heavily with any young man and not so young man who happened to be around.

One day she made a suggestive comment to an older man who happened to visit the office. He pretended to be outraged and said: “You deserve a spanking you naughty girl.”

She replied something like “oh yes please, pity you wouldn’t dare” and more words to this effect.

“You would be laughing on the other side of your face if he did dare.” One of the girls said.

To shock the girl and shut her up Janice replied, “It wouldn’t be the first time I was given a spanking.”

Later in the pub DJB, Janice and a couple of the girls were in the pub and after a few beers Janice’s story came out.

“My father would often be away for weeks at a time on business and was never back for very long. I had two much older sisters and I think by the time I reached my teens my mother was fed up with the trouble and hell they put her through. Consequently by the time I was in my teens I had a very strict upbringing.

Mother was a spanker, as my sisters will testify, not that it ever seemed to deter them from any wrongdoing. I don’t think I was half the trouble they were but for the least thing I would get it from mum. From the age of about 14 if I was in trouble she would make me put on this dress that she had bought for a school that I ended up not going to. It was a very juvenile halter gymslip sort of thing that ended in a short pleated skirt. It was hideous and old fashioned even for the sixties and even when I was 14 it was too small for me.

Anyway I was made to put this thing on and stand and face the wall in the hall. It was really embarrassing as neighbours and family were always walking in and out and no one ever knocked in those days.

When mum thought I had been standing there long enough, which might be a long-time, she would then drag me in to the front room and even if there were others there to see she would take off my knickers and spank me. It always hurt but the worse part was being sent back to face the wall without my knickers with my hands on my head.

I had to stay dressed like that for the rest of the day, no knickers and dressed in this stupid dress. Once I was allowed to leave the wall she would give me jobs to do. That wasn’t so bad but as I got older it more and more embarrassing.

By the time I was 17 or 18 the dress was very tight and very short. If I bent over or had to raise my hands above my head then my bottom was on show.

Really bad jobs I had to do included scrubbing the front step on my hands and knees, putting out the washing in the garden and worst of all going shopping. All in a very short dress and no knickers with a sore red bottom.

This went on until I was 20.”

Janice told this as a funny story and did not seem to resent it too much, but then these events had taken place nearly 30 years before.

The second story is a more recent event and concerns a young couple that were into spanking. Karen and John were at a summer party and had been there some time when Karen began playing pranks on people. One of the main pranks was shooting a water gun at people, including the guy who was running the barbeque. She thought it was funny that flames would hiss when water went on them.

She had had quite a lot to drink and some of the girls weren’t so keen on getting wet hair and the pranks started to wind people up. John told her that if she didn’t stop he would take her shorts down in front of everyone and spank her.

She told him that he couldn’t do that because she wasn’t wearing anything under them. Karen was perhaps drunk enough to think that if she got a spanking on her shorts at the party it might be fun. So she sprayed John with water.

Karen had giggled all the way as she was taken by the arm to a secluded part of the garden. Then to her dismay her shorts were taken down and she got the spanking of her life.

Worse still after the spanking John took her shorts right off and threw them into a tree. How funny was that prank?

A lot of people could either hear or see the spanking so Karen was already embarrassed. But now she was left half in the bushes tying to pull a sweat top down to cover herself. If she covered her front then her bottom was exposed.

John went to get a drink and watched her struggle to decide if she would make a run for the car (which she couldn’t enter as John had the keys), hide in the bushes until it got dark or try and retrieve her shorts.

She probably would have opted for hiding but there were too many people jockeying for a view and teasing her about her condition. So she got a garden rake and tried hopping up and down to get at the shorts high in the tree. As she only used one hand, the other was pulling her top down in front, she was both exposing a spanked bottom and not getting very far in retrieving her shorts.

After a while some of the girls took pity on her or so it at first appeared. A tennis skirt and a very large pair of men’s Hawaiian shorts were produced. The skirt would cover her front but not her bottom and the shorts had to be held up. Since even her rescuers were laughing it seemed unlikely that that was the best they could do.

In the end she went to John in the Hawaiians and said she was sorry. He gave her his belt to hold up the big shorts and went to try and retrieve the shorts in the tree but couldn’t.

Her shorts were later seen pinned high on the trophy wall in the local pub.

6 Responses to “Dotes: humiliation and spankings in public”

  1. 1 Cora Williams

    Late response. Both stories made me cringe.
    In today’s world Janice would have gone to foster care. It’s no telling what this treatment (at hands of her ‘loving parent’) did to her. Scary parent.

    As for Karen and John. . . let’s hope their relationship ended. Maybe a sober Karen wised up and got a new boyfriend and another set of friends. An example of a joke gone way too far!!

  2. 2 DJ

    Maybe you are right.

    But both stories came from the horses mouth so to speak and the stories presented were shared without rancour.

    Personally I suspect a little exageration.

    Janice was a character to say the least (which maybe suppoerts you analysis) but the last I heard Karen and John were still together.

    Thanks for the late comment.


  3. 3 Retired Professor

    Definitions of public may vary. Decades ago I witnessed my older sister get spanked by her husband. Apparently, the tension had been building. Several weeks earlier, I heard our mother tell my sister earlier that she needed a good spanking. It was obvious from my sister’s response that she didn’t take the warning seriously.

    Finally, after my sister back talked our mother in front of a small gathering of family, my brother-in-law had enough. He put my sister over his knee in our parent’s living room. The little smile on my mother’s face as the spanking progressed said she thoroughly approved. No one else voiced an objection either.

    Although my sister was thoroughly embarrassed, the improvement in her attitude and behavior was both dramatic and instantaneous. So far as I can tell, that spanking did not adversely affect my sister’s marriage. Although I am sure the incident remained quite memorable in everyone’s mind, I never heard anyone mention it again,

  4. 4 Bob

    The closest my wife ever came to be spanked in public was when she got into a fight with our daugther in law and used bad language,. Things got pretty heated and some things were broken. My son and I marched both ladies to my son’s workshop , bared their bottoms and gave them both a spanking with our belts. Needless to say there was never any repeat of an incident like this

  5. 5 AR

    Over the holidays a few years back we were at my in laws home. Mt wife was getting ready to leave with a few girlfriends she’d grown up with. They were heading to an olf high school hangout/local bar. One of the women jokingly said maybe I should go along to make sure my wife behaved adding, she could really get wild in the old days. We were on the porch at the time. I put one foot up on the step and bent my wife over my upturned knee.
    With very firm swats I spanked her bottom hard on every syllable as I told her I expected her to behave and not get wild! With her still dangling over my knee I asked if she was going to behave, she of course squealed yes. I added or there’s plenty more where this came from and planted another super firm swat to her butt. We kissed good bye and she walked toward the car rubbing her bottom. One of her friends said “yeeowch, I guess you don’t need to be told twice” as the small group giggled and loaded into the car.

    My wife’s sister was on the porch also and said to me “Your not gonna have to worry about her, I practically felt that over here!” I just said “Oh it wasn’t that hard it was all in fun.
    That’s about the closest to a public spanking she’s gotten but she does get spanked occasionally for real issues. My wife’s sister on at least one occasion before the two of them have gone out has asked me if I wanted to spank my wife before they left.

    • 6 DJ

      It is often these random events that add colour we don’t expect. So many little incidents like this when you’re attuned. 🙂

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