Introducing Dotes

A typical scene from a Will Henry book

A typical scene from a Will Henry book

Many years ago the author came across a book by Will Henry. It had been written in the 1960s and was suitably charming in its old world writing style.

The book was called ‘It Hurts So Good’. It was about the sexual undertones of the hazing and initiation practices of college sororities in the US.

 For non-US readers who may not know, sororities are clubs or societies that are, or were at least, considered the gatekeepers to a decent social life on the university campus.

Amongst other things they adopted various boisterous activities from their male counterparts in the fraternities. One of these activities was the giving and receiving of large wooden paddles. Despite claims to the contrary it was evident that these paddles were used for spanking purposes to a greater or lesser extent.

It Hurts So Good was written as a series of case studies charting the experience of girls joining these sororities and their positive and sometimes negative reactions to the spankings that they received. Whilst many of these case studies may have been more or less real experiences, Mrs Henry claimed that they were having contributed herself, many of them were clearly hearsay or possibly even fictional.

Given that the main purpose was to feed the mainly male fantasies of the reader it probably wasn’t very important. In any case we will never know.

The format was so successful that there were many other books such as: Spanking and the Single Girl; Modern Spanking; Teenage Spanking and others that used the same format.

In tribute to these landmark books this blog will begin a regular feature called Dotes. These will be a mix of personal recollections, discussions and even hearsay that will be used to explore a theme.

Often things may not have happened exactly as they will be portrayed and names and places will be changed to protect the guilty. It will be left up to the reader to decide how much they believe. 

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