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TV Spanking


Another Saturday short . I think this has done the rounds before but it is only vaguely familiar so I thought it was worth an outing. It is from a lighthearted Brazilian soap opera called Modern Times and features the spanking of an adult by her boss or possibly her father. I particularly like the small […]

Go Away


My first mistake was not believing him when he said he was going to spank me. I never thought he had it in him. Christ he must have spanked me for an hour, well it seemed like it. I don’t think I’ll sit down for a week. I mean the others will be back soon, […]

One of my earliest memories of exposure to spanking was through comics. Mostly it was a school setting and there was something about it that intrigued me. It was pure gold when I girl was getting spanked or caned although these incidents were rare. As I got older and Marvel beckoned Susan Storm (AKA The […]

Amy Holman wearily shook her head and sighed. At 28 she was young enough to have the new ideas but sufficiently experienced to carry them out and it looked like she had arrived at Hartman and Hartman in the nick of time. The old firm was a joke, completely submerged in the dark ages, she […]

Part I The winter got very much worse before it got better and by the end of January their food supplies were low and they were left with only the grimmest fare. It was a situation that did little to aid the humour of Sofia or Ivan and within the confines of the small house […]

An advert for quirts in a Sears Roebuck catalogue back in the day included an introduction for the ‘lighter’ model. Apparently the shorter ‘third-weight’ size was perfect for applying to difficult wives as it could be felt through heavy prairie clothing without ‘harming your lady.’ Perfect apparently for those quick corrections. A quirt is a […]

Joanna looked at her watch and then shifted impatiently in her seat. What was the big deal? She picked up the Attainder Notice again and re-read it. The indictment read, petty fraud, tax evasion, failure to report to a hearing, failure to pay preliminary fines and assorted other picky little offences. Well the tax, late […]



Josie sat sucking in air until her cheeks were fit to burst and the face in the mirror opposite appeared to have the mumps. Then with slow deliberation she let the air ‘fart’ from her mouth in a crude raspberry until the last breath ended in a sigh. So far she had only managed to […]



“This is Marnie. I am sorry I cannot come to the phone right now or anytime for the rest of the week as I am grounded,” a tearful Marnie said from the answering machine. Marnie herself did not dare turn around, let alone answer the phone. Her nose stayed resolutely in the corner as she […]

Taken from the New York Sun-Syracuse Herald — March 1911 Evansville, IndIndianan, March 1 — “I don’t kneed a lawyer to fight a divorce case,” said Frank Kuebler when told his wife had sued him. Kuebler is a wealthy farmer and an educated man. His wife charged him with cruel treatment. As soon as he was informed […]


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