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Ready to fall into the void at any moment, the metallic teardrop hung in space against the vast wash of myriad coloured stars. Commander Cassandra Wraith was about to embark on the longest short voyage in human history and if it worked out it would herald in a new era of space exploration. She worked […]



Getting told to leave my computer and come into the bedroom is ominous. I always like to think that it is for kissing but it seldom is. Kissing can be done anywhere after all. I find it embarrassing because I am being self sufficient and grown up until you come and get me. You hold […]

1) Why don’t you tell me about it?  I dislike this because he does it in such a relaxed way. He says it like it doesn’t matter and like I am telling him nothing that will lead him to spank seven bells out of me in the next ten minutes 2) Be quiet Dreadful words. […]

Naughty Clare


“I’ve been ever so naughty,” Clare said, biting her thumb as she stood gangling nervously in the doorway. Jackson folded his arms sternly and shook his head. The cute coy she employed in fess-up mode was usually a distraction form something more serious. “Ah-huh,” he said balefully as he peered over his reading specs. “I-I […]

Many years ago I saw a beautiful graphic portrait from the 1950s. It was of a very smart looking aristocratic woman with a young maid across her knee giving her a spanking. The drawing was within an otherwise vanilla collection and no particular attention was drawn to this image as if it was quite commonplace. […]

Roberta Caldwell loved the feel of the hard saddle beneath her bottom and the way the taught familiar jodhpurs felt tight on her legs. Old Sandy moved like liquid poetry between her thighs as she guided him up the chalk ridge to the very top. At 36 and with two divorces to her name, horse-riding was […]



Janice Benton knew she deserved it and that made it all together worse. She knew what she was in for and why and she even suspected that she might have been able to get out of it if only she didn’t feel so guilty. Her full lips twisted to the diagonal as she chewed them […]

Vintage Sunday


The mountains around the fjord cut the crystal blue air like shards of glass. For once there was not a puff of cloud and Anneke fancied that she had only to reach out her arm to touch the sky. It was hard to leave on such a day but there was nothing for her now […]

As I said at the top of the week, I recently had two different sorority anecdotes sent to me. The first is from Anthony who often comments here and is republished with his permission and that of the girls involved. I took the liberty of making some edits. Tony seems to be a master of […]


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