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She knew that look and subconscious hands strayed to her bottom. Meanwhile he was smirking at her, actually smirking. He was sitting on the big settee by the back door facing the balcony window and she looked nervously over to it in the hopes that the glass doors that led outside were firmly close. She […]

This account by 25-year-old Ashley was found on EP. My First Adult Spanking was soon after I was married. I don’t remember the exact situation, but we were at a resturant for dinner and I had an attitude. While he was paying I stormed out to the car. He got in the car, we drove […]

Phoebe had drifted through life since college. Feckless her mother had called it, but the petite redhead thought that Mum could just as easily be talking about herself for all the direction she had ever provided. Still the informal apprenticeship with a City firm of interior decorators didn’t exactly feel permanent and Phoebe fully expected […]

Vintage Sunday


The title comes from this article previously published on A Voice. Spanking and bikers seems to be an ongoing tradition as the pictures above suggest. The rather murky shot of a nude girl over the shoulder of a biker is from a real live meet where a bar owner (friend) of the biker revelling in […]

I had this nice little email from Janey. She said she had been lurking on my blog and loved the real life snippets and decided to offer up one of her own. She begins: I would like to add my two penny’s worth to the debate as to whether spankos are born or made. These […]

Dear Mr Brandon


Lady Constance stopped at the corner of the rose garden and the small Tudor-style maze at the south side of the house. Since her elder sister and cousin had got married, life at the Hall had been somewhat lacking. In fact her only diversion was her growing obsession with Mr Brandon who served as tutor […]

The boat was called the Gypsy and Toni fell in love with it at once. Not that it was much of a boat; a red half-cabin affair at just 15 feet long. It was the kind she might have hired out in the days before she had become a beach bum and had to hustle […]

Our story began here. Muriel Baxter was a surprise. Katherine had expected a dour elderly lady with horn-rimmed spectacles and grey hair piled like ice cream on her head. She had had a teacher like that at school and boy did mama spank. In the event Muriel was scarcely 40 and looked much younger. Although her […]

Brad Renfrew surveyed the small town and its sleepy Main Street and sighed. The world was in crisis and war had come to Europe, what was he still doing here? Not for the first time he muttered something about the army and going to Canada. “You’re such a jerk,” Kathy Rutherford sneered, “All talk and […]


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