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I was surfing one reference from another and ended up on Google reader reading about wife spanking in the 1930s. The dateline put me in mind of a post on Slapper-At’s published here about the seeming craze of young women seeking out spanking fun during the roaring twenties, 1930s and into the 1940s. The OTK […]

Part 1 can be found here. The Landrover hit a bump and the whole vehicle lurched sideways as it gripped the desert road. “Ah,” Megan groaned as she jerked back to make contact with the seat for a moment. Her expression when she eased herself back onto her knees was a pained one. “I told […]

Vintage Sunday


Dangerous Magic


The wind sang over the hills behind the cottage and through the trees in the garden. Then it danced its way down the chimney until it blew like an organ chime summoning something unnamed to a gathering. Amid this seasonal serenade Tess lay back on the rug so that her long red tresses extended like […]

Rosalind yawned, her striking hazel eyes widening and ran her hands through her half-secured wayward strawberry blonde hair. To an outsider she was pretty and filled out her clothes well, but she carried herself with careless confidence and cared little for such things. She was supposed to be a manager, but she hated it. Just […]



She knew her face was pink, or maybe it was red. She turned it over to find a cool sheet once more, her right cheek having already burned a hole in the cover she felt it time to renew the relief. The bed vibrated under her heart as it pushed out an unheeded mayday message. […]

Charlie’s office is bright and airy; the epitome of modern. Not the least bit like Miss Parmenter’s office back in school, no, not the least… so why then do I always get little pangs in my tummy every time I have to go up onto the mezzanine floor where he works? I mean the sloping […]

Now it’s not like I don’t think a girl needs a good spanking now and again. I don’t exactly like it, but there is no denying that it does a girl good. This was a lesson I learned in school. At 18 Miss Parmenter told me after a particularly memorable shellacking that I had a […]

Part 1 can be found here. The night had been awkward at first. There had been no conversation and sleeping on her tummy had only served to remind her of what had passed between them. At several points she had decided it hadn’t happened, telling herself that what went on in the desert stayed in […]

Tonight I am supposed to go to bed early. I am in a strop because I don’t like going to bed, I worry I will miss out on something and I worry that he doesn’t want me with him. So despite being dead on my feet and my eyes popping shut every three minutes I […]


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