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She knew her face was pink, or maybe it was red. She turned it over to find a cool sheet once more, her right cheek having already burned a hole in the cover she felt it time to renew the relief. The bed vibrated under her heart as it pushed out an unheeded mayday message. […]

Charlie’s office is bright and airy; the epitome of modern. Not the least bit like Miss Parmenter’s office back in school, no, not the least… so why then do I always get little pangs in my tummy every time I have to go up onto the mezzanine floor where he works? I mean the sloping […]

Now it’s not like I don’t think a girl needs a good spanking now and again. I don’t exactly like it, but there is no denying that it does a girl good. This was a lesson I learned in school. At 18 Miss Parmenter told me after a particularly memorable shellacking that I had a […]

Part 1 can be found here. The night had been awkward at first. There had been no conversation and sleeping on her tummy had only served to remind her of what had passed between them. At several points she had decided it hadn’t happened, telling herself that what went on in the desert stayed in […]

Tonight I am supposed to go to bed early. I am in a strop because I don’t like going to bed, I worry I will miss out on something and I worry that he doesn’t want me with him. So despite being dead on my feet and my eyes popping shut every three minutes I […]

The desert was hot and relentless; there was nothing romantic about it in Megan’s view. She eyed the man at the wheel beside her and made a pout with her lips. Some prince he was, she thought, the white T-shirt and Ray-Bans he wore made him look more like a Californian poser than anything. It […]

Vintage Sunday


The Deal


It had rained all day and even the grass along the side of the path looked limp as if it had been drowned. The track itself was of hoggin and that too was soggy underfoot adding to the grey damp atmosphere of the dingy disused railway siding. To her left was a long graffiti-marred brick […]

Faery Godfather


Oh God, oh God, Oh God, was the frantic thought racing through Jessica’s mind. The two bottles of perfume and one silk scarf felt like a burning ton in her pockets, what had she been thinking? Was it too late to take them back? But at that moment the door to the store’s exit opened […]

Over the Moon


“Are you going to beat me?” she said apprehensively and biting on her lower lip. Carly looked almost childlike when she adopted such a pose, her cascade of red-brown hair falling in ringlets over her greenish doe-eyes amid a heart shaped face. It was set well on a fully fleshed body that was buxom enough […]


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