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Magic (part 54)


Our story began here. The Siege Shula hadn’t been quite ready to believe the reports regarding the size of the army set against them until she saw it with her own eyes. “You say we think this the main force has gone to Timbre?” she said to Euan Stand as she reviewed the hordes of […]

Magic (part 39)


Our story began here. Embracing the Dragon Dniester eyed the three young women as if he had never seen them before. They had been summoned before him directly after the meeting with the Grand Magus by a journeyman. All three now stood in a row in the old wizard’s Ivory Tower study all eyes fixed […]

The girl raced down the lane seemingly doing 150 on her gleaming silver Japanese motorbike forcing Liam Brady to side-step onto the grass verge. Okay, he thought she was probably only doing 40, but in the narrow country road it was just too fast. Like you never went speeding anywhere, he berated himself. Maybe you […]

Around the turn of the last century there was a lot of outrage on all sides about the encroaching liberation of women. This liberty took the form of everything from the suffrage movement, women in the workplace, through fashion and even ladies smoking cigars. One Lady B even remarked in a notable publication of the […]

The first part is here. He found them sitting by a fire just feet away from the waves. A small brook bubbled out of sandstone that had been worn away by the waves. An old wrecked boat also lay nearby; no doubt it was that which had provided the means and the fuel for the […]

The pink Cadillac was ostentatious enough, or would have been if any of the folks here on the farm had known the word. ‘Show off’ were the words that came to Ma’s mind. Becky-Sue had finally come home from her world tour. Not that’s how her fans knew her; even the family name wasn’t good […]

Following on from Thursday’s post about spanking anecdotes of yesteryear, here is one that should have been included. This little reminiscence of Rachel’s is similar to that of her namesake reported here back in 2009 in a post entitled, The Slipper and the Art of Spanking in 1970s England. She writes: In the last year […]

The girl was well secured at her wrists in the small of her back as she lay face down on the bed with her bare bottom elevated by two pillows. She was naked, her white skin stark in the morning light that streamed in through the window. The bindings at her wrist were at her […]

Wild West Hero


Becky was fuming, who the hell did he think he was? She thought as she watched the crowd outside the saloon who normally gave her all the attention clapping Brad Coleman on the back; all because the dumb cowboy had pulled a kid out of a well. At that moment the dumb cowboy was grinning […]

Compare and contrast these images. The first is a vaguely suggestive engraving from an early 20th century gentlemen’s magazine. Notice the suggestion that the nudity is accidental and that the husband and wife have happened to settle something in the bedroom. It is an almost respectable depiction of a marital dispute being settled. The same […]


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