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Actually this story should be called ‘that thing you really, really want until you get it and then you definitely don’t want it anymore until a long time after when you forget what having it was like and you want it all over again.’ It could also be equally called ‘one summer so long ago […]

Wayward Wren


Audrey stood at the end of the long concrete road with a sense of trepidation. The wire gate looked as flimsy as a Christmas decoration, but the seaman in blue with a 303 at his shoulder said otherwise. Beyond him were a row of poplar trees standing as sentries on either side of the driveway […]

Magic (part 65)


Our story began here. Home for the Heart Fear had acceded to Katrin’s wish to delay their departure for one more day. Although she really would have preferred a week, she thought ruefully as she eased her behind onto the seat of the coach. It would take many days to reach Downley and despite her […]

A Pantomime


Once upon a time in a land on the outer reaches of Europe dwelt a man and his daughter. They both lived in what had once been a small castle, but was now little more than a fortified house on the edge of town. Count Verity was a tall dark haired man of middling wealth […]

Have you ever spanked a girl when she sets her jaw and refuses to react? That is a question asked by a male spanker and I do think this is a girl spankee thing, but girl-on-girl aficionados may have the same issue. Sometimes you can spank for minutes on end and she just growls under […]

Somehow she knew before she did it that she shouldn’t. But it had ever been a battle between them. He would say ‘you can’t,’ ‘you mustn’t,’ and ‘don’t.’ And she would say, “I know” while thinking ‘only if you catch me.’ Well he had caught her red handed and it had happened again. Now her […]

Harmony guessed she probably should have known. Probably nothing, she should have known. But somehow her temper and big mouth always got her into trouble. Just then the penny literally dropped and she growled in frustration. It had been her job to keep it pressed to the wall with her nose whilst holding her hemline […]

This is the conclusion of the domestic transformation of Sylvia. To catch it from the start go here. Michael Trench was surprisingly nervous about introducing his girlfriend Claire to his circle. He had told her of course, all about the lifestyle and she had been fascinated. But it was one thing to have a salacious […]

Magic (part 56)


Our story began here. War of the Wizards It had been a long swim out to the ship in the dark and on several occasions Stephen didn’t think he would make it. For one thing the water was cold. Not the sharp cold of late night swim, but the soul chilling burn that bit so […]

“Go in 20 seconds Stacy,” the voice said in her ear. Stacy strained to see the monitor out of the corner of her eye as the make-up boy put the final touches to her eyes. The guests were already seated, but one of them was getting the same last minute touches that she was. “Oh, […]


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