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The Longing


The man in the painting had clear blue eyes set under a manly brow that gave his gaze a stern countenance. Unlike many such mid-Victorian pictures his eyes did not look at her, nor follow her around the room. Instead they were set upon something of great importance just over her shoulder and a long […]

The Victorians, it seems were very concerned about bruises on women. Welts and redness were to be expected in certain situations, but black, blue or purple marks were seen as a mark of brutality. One eminent physician even went as far as to advocate the use of the slipper over almost any other implement when […]

Here are four pictures from TipTopper. All but the bottom right has been seen here before but it was worth another look. All four of the pictures depict what the Victorians and Edwardians would have a called a ‘Great Girl’ getting her comeuppance. That is to say a young woman who might ordinarily be considered […]

Our story began here. Timbre With Vosper spinning the winds it took them just days to reach the Timbre port of Motra Mundy. As they slid into the quite ordinary port with its hotchpotch of stone, brick and even wooden houses, Katrin felt her heart lift. “Doesn’t look like much,” Tabitha said turning her nose […]

The Governess


At first glance an outsider might have wondered which of the two young women was the governess and which her charge. Save for the fact that Eugenia was standing bare-bottomed in the corner that is. Constance, the older woman, was barely 23 and had been Eugenia’s governess for little over a year. Although quite tall, […]

A prologue The gale beyond his window raked the trees scattering the first of the autumn leaves. The season stood at the gates of a change and not just beyond his house. He sighed, a sound of pain. Reluctantly he turned to look at the objects on the table. Perhaps he thought they would be […]

The birch has a long history as an implement of punishment. It times past, before the so-called Age of Reason in the late 17th century, the boundaries between home and the workplace were blurred and so too were the relationships and boundaries of the family. Even into the 20th century in England, employees were sometimes […]

The Therapist


It had been Lady Morton who had first mentioned him. “Did wonders for my melancholy,” she said in that off-hand way of hers. I had been completely shocked at first. After all it was such a scandalous idea. I don’t think Lady Morton would ever have made such a disclosure had her maid not directed […]

Things could be difficult when four women had to share a house. And it was all the more difficult then when it was Aunt Jane’s house and she got to make all the rules. Like so many women of her generation, Jane had never married. Amy sometimes conjured up a long lost love for her. […]

Three sisters


If it had been a fairytale, it would have begun, once upon a time at the dawn of the 20th century there were three sisters, Galen reflected. Only this was not a fairytale, far from it. He had three daughters and each had been sent to try his patience. Today it was his youngest, who […]


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