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Go Away


My first mistake was not believing him when he said he was going to spank me. I never thought he had it in him. Christ he must have spanked me for an hour, well it seemed like it. I don’t think I’ll sit down for a week. I mean the others will be back soon, […]

The Finish


Mrs Walcott stood at the window and gazed upon the snow-capped mountains that framed the valley. She hadn’t been waiting long but she was becoming impatient. Even the the the ancient clock behind her sounded lackluster as it slowly marked the time. She was a tall dour woman clad in dark grey, a look only occasionally […]

The stranger bothered her almost as much as Jason Kincaid did. He was a large man with searching dark eyes that never seemed to rest. Also there was something about the set of his jaw reminded her of her father and that determined way he had. It was a cinch that the stranger, whoever he […]

Vintage Sunday


More Reality


A reader sent in these three candid spanking themed pictures, so why not.  

Not a real photo I think but I like the theme.

Amy Holman wearily shook her head and sighed. At 28 she was young enough to have the new ideas but sufficiently experienced to carry them out and it looked like she had arrived at Hartman and Hartman in the nick of time. The old firm was a joke, completely submerged in the dark ages, she […]

Part I The winter got very much worse before it got better and by the end of January their food supplies were low and they were left with only the grimmest fare. It was a situation that did little to aid the humour of Sofia or Ivan and within the confines of the small house […]

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