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Over the Moon


“Are you going to beat me?” she said apprehensively and biting on her lower lip. Carly looked almost childlike when she adopted such a pose, her cascade of red-brown hair falling in ringlets over her greenish doe-eyes amid a heart shaped face. It was set well on a fully fleshed body that was buxom enough […]

Fun or real discipline in action (it comes to the same for some). Sent in by Ralph, our thanks to him.

The Audi hit yet another line of cars and Kimberly slowed to a stop. Usually such delays pissed her off but today the conversation was far too interesting and the 36-year-old blonde cast a smirk at her passenger sitting alongside. Clarice tugged furiously at a stray red hair and glowered at the new hold-up. She […]

Adam Lacombe sat back in the deep leather seat and frowned. This was bat crazy. He grinned, he had to. In life there are always those moments when you have to laugh or cry and this had to be one of them. Caitlin Trance didn’t blink; she was well used to this response from first […]

Ruth has been in contact a few times, mostly to offer up some corner time photographs. In her own words she is obsessed “with spanking, corner time and most aspects of embarrassing submission.” She writes, “I have had a yen for the subject of spanking for as long as I can remember but my first […]

Undeterred by the mixed response to her last offering (her words). I thought you were all very kind. Ruth has sent in some more pictures she culled from semi-private forum and other sources she doesn’t divulge. She claims most of them are supposed to be actual real punishments – but isn’t sure. With deference to […]

Age Play


There are many ages of man and many for mankind; the trick is to match one’s age to the one in which you live. Anon All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players… William Shakespeare   Jenifer Maxwell glared at the car in front with something approaching hate. “It’s a […]

Here is an anecdote I pulled off one of the Voy spanking forums I sometimes visit. I hadn’t realised that these contributions expired and were auto deleted. It was one of the few gems between what is often boring off-topic and sometimes unsavoury fantasies and views. As ever, one has to take or leave the […]

Jake Harmon swung the horse around and scanned the horizon. It wasn’t a very big column of smoke but it was definitely in the vicinity of the ranch and he felt sick. There hadn’t been any Indian trouble in these parts for years and besides he hadn’t heard any shots, but all the same he […]

This is a short work of fiction inspired by a true story according to Jane. * Everyone seems to think that sex wasn’t discovered until the 1960s and that kinkiness didn’t heave into view until the 1970s. Well I have to tell you that as a 20-something secretary we knew a thing or two. Oh […]


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