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LSF have published two more of my novellas, this time in a single volume. This contains two adult reformatory style spanking stories. In the first of these stories entitled Choices, three very different women choose to attend the alternative punishment centre at the Cornwall Institute instead of receiving prison sentences for their crimes. Here they […]

Melanie Crow eased herself through the door taking small careful steps. She knew there was another girl waiting and studiously avoided any eye contact as she left. It was a cinch that this new student of Roland Archer had heard everything and if Mel’s pain wasn’t written on her face, a blush certainly was. Charlie […]

Here are some random snippets that I was saving until I thought of a better way to use them. They are all on the theme of corner time and purport to be real experiences. Joan wrote: “I had a bit of a bratty mouth in college and one day at dance class some hijinks led […]

Carolyn Brady smoothed down the front of her skirt and checked the seams of her stockings. Then with a deep sigh she knocked tentatively on the door to Wentworth’s office. A rather strained muffled voice answered and although Carolyn couldn’t quite work out what was said she guessed it was alright to go in. She […]

Mercy Cosby blew the ghost of a length of long since shorn brown-black hair from her nose and then ran her fingers through the tousled remnants that sat unkempt on her head. The heat of the region was such that she did not have time for vanities, or anything much else she realised. Time was […]

Safe and sound


John Haskins crossed the yard with a sigh. The weather had been clement of late and the light breeze from the woods and beyond it the sea should have put him a good humour. The sea, he almost forgot his duty as he looked eagerly towards the woods. The Sussex coast was so wild in […]

A little homage to Karen and her friends and for Jodie who sent me a very rude email bluntly saying ‘I hate corner time, hate it. No more corners and no more corner time pictures either…’ You know who you are.

Dear Sir


I had this email from Karen and with her permission I thought I would post it. It has been edited down to make narrative sense and I have removed some of the extensive enthusiastic discussion of my blog and where it got more personal. Dear Sir, I hope this is not too creepy but I […]

That first day Carolyn had been dismissed after an hour. She had even been permitted to go to the bathroom to get dressed, although sitting had been an issue for a day or two. But apart from that the aftermath had been no worse than a session with Mrs Keaton’s hairbrush; twice as shaming to […]

Carolyn Brady sucked in her cheeks and let out a long slow breath. The building wasn’t exactly what she had expected but it was kind of appropriate. Her smart sunburn orange skirt suit and pillbox hat matched the auburn red of her hair, but definitely made her look out of place next to the crumby […]


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