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Naughty Clare


“I’ve been ever so naughty,” Clare said, biting her thumb as she stood gangling nervously in the doorway. Jackson folded his arms sternly and shook his head. The cute coy she employed in fess-up mode was usually a distraction form something more serious. “Ah-huh,” he said balefully as he peered over his reading specs. “I-I […]

Consequences V


Part I Annabelle was furious with herself, how could she not guess that the session with Janice Benton was filmed? To make matters worse she had been forced to sit through the replay of her clownish efforts and bad acting while Drayton made comments about her caning style and even how she projected her authority. […]

Consequences IV


Part I Annabelle Guthrie stood with her forehead pressed to the one-way mirror and watched Janice’s birching. So far it had just got to the part where a woman approaches the boundary between the sting in her tail she can cope with and the real under burn that grows and grows until it feels as […]



This is what I know about time. When you are in trouble and waiting to be told off that is when time sits in front of you and smiles. It knows what you want and what you don’t want and how those are one and the same and it simply decides not to move so […]

It all began with Heidi. I was on a business trip abroad and alone in my hotel when I got a chance email from an Internet friend I had spoken to off and on for a few years. I was in Switzerland at the time and I happened to mention that fact. “Fräulein Rottenmeier and […]

Part I The second strap had had the texture of sandpaper, the effect of which was that instead of suffering an overwhelming sting all at once, Janice had to endure a rasping slow burn that got worse and worse until she would have begged for almost any amount of the heavier leather. “Mr Drayton,” she […]



Janice Benton knew she deserved it and that made it all together worse. She knew what she was in for and why and she even suspected that she might have been able to get out of it if only she didn’t feel so guilty. Her full lips twisted to the diagonal as she chewed them […]

Part 1 can be found here. The plane was a medium-sized jet, all sleek and white as it stood on the runway. The backdrop to the small airfield was high snow-capped mountains, although standing on the asphalt it was hot. Megan regarded the aircraft with a nauseous dread as she stood facing it in her […]

The Challenge


Emily understands how people could sell their souls. There is a kind of wanting that is so severe that the possibility of its being unfulfilled is unthinkable. Any price is reasonable, any demands will be met, and failure is not an option. That is why it took roughly fourteen seconds to smile at, befriend and […]



One way or another she fills my day. She goes out and I stay, working from the attic as I struggle with correspondence and a tricky client or two. Then breaking away I face the kitchen for the first tea of my morning. I find bottle tops not replaced and keys left discarded where no […]


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