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No idea what is going on here. Markie sent it in as a sorority picture. It certainly looks harsh for a birthday bash.

Our story began here. It felt strange to be bent over the older woman’s knee. Katherine could feel the pressure of Alice’s thighs under her, the rasp of silk stocking on silk, and the smell of her perfume. It was unsettling to be in such intimate proximity to another girl. No, unsettling was the least of […]

Vintage Sunday


More at All Our Yesterday’s.

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is an example of an email sent in from a reader. I don’t get many like this, most are far more hesitant and paradoxically somewhat longer. Overlook the kind greeting and move quickly on to the story. A good example of adventure coming at you left field. Dear DJ, […]

Two visions of cowgirl spanking, a modern BDSM magazine style by an unknown artist and a more traditional trip to the woodshed by Benson.

Our story began here. Janet felt like an old rain barrel that had been emptied out and thoroughly scrubbed ready for the spring showers. Her bottom still throbbed like a son-of-a-bitch and felt like smoking hot leather to the touch, but at least the scream of the sting had reined in from total hellfire down to […]

Kate Francis had just gotten off the phone from her cousin Nora. It had been tough call and her elder cuz was not happy. But at least she had finally agreed to let Kate’s apartment and oversee the new tenants; for the meantime anyway. For Kate there was nothing much to return to Chicago for, […]

Our story began here. Jenny had been too embarrassed to get dressed in front of Miss Bowman but it felt strange standing in the hallway of the hotel naked from the waist down. She suspected that Alice had only allowed it because they were the only guests, but all the same she felt vulnerable and […]

Last week Karen joined in a discussion in comments on an old short story of mine. When it was suggested that she had quite a story to tell, unbidden she wrote this account and emailed it in for publication. Karen wrote: When I was 19 I went to work for Glenda as a kind of […]

Our story started here. The great brown and silver-grey rock rolled slowly past them looking near enough to touch. At 10,000 meters off to the starboard, in space terms, it was. It was just one of the hazards the Ad Astra as it approached Rigel Nine, although the asteroid belt here was not as extensive as […]


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