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Our story began here. Before the girls returned that afternoon, Alice had been permitted to go to bed early with a ‘headache.’ This not only spared her blushes but spared her the ordeal of sitting down for supper. That is to say not sitting down and letting everyone know what had happened. Not that she had […]

We knew the Victorians were keen on spanking on the birch, it went hand in hand with keeping young women in their place but just how far did they go? Here we have a true account of a woman offering a discipline service for unruly adult daughters. I came across this tale in the History […]

Our story began here. So far it had been an ordeal of fire and water and Alice Bowman had never felt so clean, neither inside nor out. Nevertheless, she strained to be as stoical as she could but it was a futile attitude to take, for the whole point of Muriel Baxter’s chastisement regime was to […]

Vintage Sunday


Our story began here. By the time the car pulled out of the drive Alice was ready as she had been instructed. After a long night of contemplation her mind was made up to it, she was going to be severely punished as she deserved. She had fallen short of the high standards she had set […]

Our story began here. Muriel Baxter sat in the window seat, the garden behind her even as sunlight poured in to flood the room. Alice’s two youngest charges, Janet and Jenny sat cross-legged at her feet and stared up at her as if hanging on every word. “Now tell me,” Muriel said conspiratorially, “Are you really […]

Our story began here. Muriel Baxter was a surprise. Katherine had expected a dour elderly lady with horn-rimmed spectacles and grey hair piled like ice cream on her head. She had had a teacher like that at school and boy did mama spank. In the event Muriel was scarcely 40 and looked much younger. Although her […]

Our story began here. Like unseen fingers, the breeze from the window tickled Katherine’s flesh and reached into intimate areas unaccustomed to such exposure. It was a caressing shame that ended in hot pools of blood on her face and drew a soft whimpering sigh from her throat. Once well-groomed hair now cascaded down onto the […]

Our story began here. Mary had run her little speech through mind over and over and each recall had caused a festival of blushing. But finally she had managed to work out her humbling request. However, now that she stood outside Alice’s door her courage began to falter and words once set in her head wriggled […]

Sandy ran her hand through her long blonde hair as she pursed her lips and frowned. There was a small chip on the base of the ceramic statuette, the third she had found that morning. For a moment she considered putting the object at the back of the shelf and hoping Lilian wouldn’t notice, but […]


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