Dotes: Japanese girls and teachers caned and spanked at home and school

Moonrise in the land of the rising sun

Moonrise in the land of the rising sun

Every year young graduates head off to the land of the rising sun to teach English as a foreign language to the Japanese. Most no doubt have an interesting and rewarding experience and all must see a different side to the culture that most gaijin do not.

And so it proved for young Sally who travelled to a small town far away from Tokyo to teach English for a year at a select girls’ school. Her first alien encounter was being told that she was not allowed to drive to the school as foreigners, especially ladies, did not know how to drive and it would not be safe.

She found this more amusing than insulting, although being in a largely rural area it was nevertheless inconvenient. As it turned out her sponsor eventually resolved this curious example of polite obstruction.

Her sponsor had taken a liking to Sally for reason that were never entirely clear to her and was to be a great help resolving many of her difficulties, the first being that he made available a small apartment adjacent to his own house for her accommodation during her year.

But stranger events were to follow. At her official induction she had been told that corporal punishment was not allowed, well of course not she had thought. However when she reported to the language department she was told that it would be better if she brought any discipline problems to her supervisor as most parents would not like a gaijin lady spanking or whipping their daughters.

This of course confused her as corporal punishment was forbidden.

“Oh no.” She was firmly told. “It was not kinmotsu it just wasn’t officially allowed.”

Still confused she readily agreed not to spank any of the students.

In the coming weeks and months she was to be a first-hand witness to many unofficial punishments. The thing that worried her most about this was that all students were disciplined, even student teachers, which might conceivably include her. The young women she saw awaiting punishment were often very close to her in age it seemed.

The usual procedure for class punishments was for a student to be sent from the room and stand with their hands on their heads outside the door facing the wall. Then after class the miscreant or miscreants were brought back in and made to bend over the teacher’s desk where they were ‘spaked’, she was told, with a ruler. The spankings were usually administered over the pants, but possibly they could be lowered, it was apparently up to the teacher.

Other punishments she saw included: students being made to scrub public areas dressed only in their underwear and bending over on-mass in the gym to be walloped on the behind with a plimsoll.

For more serious offences a disciplinary officer was employed to deal with senior students and student teachers. Sally witnessed many nervous young women waiting outside his office. He apparently used a cane and the women coming out were usually in tears. Was the stick ever applied to a bare bottom? Sally thought that it was, but nobody would say.

Sally herself got a fright one day when she was summoned to the disciplinary office. All the way there she could not make up her mind what she would do if he tried to cane her. In the event she received a mild reprimand because her parking permit was not up to date and was very politely issued with a new one.

Sally concluded that the use of corporal punishment for young women must have been traditional in this region of Japan. This impression was confirmed after witnessing several domestic incidents at her sponsor’s house.

Her sponsor had four children, two sons and two daughters. The oldest son was married and she never got to meet him but she had dinner with the rest of the family many times. The youngest son was under 10 but the daughters were adults but still living at home. One was in college, the other was something to do with transport and tourism that was never made clear but required her to wear a uniform of some sort.

The first time she saw either of the daughters punished was about a month after she arrived. Her study overlooked a courtyard-garden area that included a traditional Japanese wooden porch.

One day she heard a commotion and looked out to see the mother berating her youngest daughter who stood head bowed in apparent shame. The mother then sat down on the edge of the porch and pulled the protesting girl over her lap and quickly bared her bottom.

She was soundly spanked for several minutes with a wooden shoe until she was sobbing loudly. Afterwards she was made to kneel on the porch facing the wall with her bottom left bare. There she remained until it got dark and she was called back inside.

Sally witnessed several more spankings although more usually they would take place in a room that opened up onto the porch. If the weather was warm then Sally could watch the scene because the panel was drawn back, if not she could clearly hear the events unfold.

Afterwards the girl was always made to either kneel in the corner of the room or on the porch facing the wall, always for a long time with her bottom left bare.

Sally only saw the oldest daughter being punished once. This had shaken and intrigued her because the girl was slightly older than Sally.

On this occasion the girl was stripped almost nude and made to stretch out on the floor of the room. An object like a wooden pillow was place under her hips and then her mother began thrashing her naked bottom with a long thin branch. There were obvious red lines all across her skin but she did not cry out or make a fuss as her sister always did.

The thrashing went on for quite some time with the girl being very stoic then the girl said something and the mother walked over and closed the panel. Sally could hear the whipping noise of the branch for a long time afterwards and for the last part the girl began yelling a lot.

Sally tried to find out more but the girls were always cheerful and polite and unrevealing. In any event only the older girl had very good English.

Sally swore that every word of this story was true.

Domestic Japanese discipline

Domestic Japanese discipline

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